Monday, September 26, 2011

The Proposal

Steven and I are engaged! :)
Happy Day!

I know lots of you are dying to know about the proposal!

So this is how it went down. Let me preface it with what happened before.
I was on my way home from work talking to Annie and she asked me when I was going to get a ring on my finger..and I was like IDK!!!!! Little did I know that an hour later I would have one!

So I was hungry. Starving actually. And if you know me, that means Gabzilla is out ready to be grouchy and probably mean. So that's what I was when I first got to Steven's. The plan was to go Rappelling of Dixie Rock that night and then go to the Hurricane Football game. So I waited in my truck for him to get home, because he was late. But really he was just setting up, but I didn't know that. And so I made some mac and cheese to tide us over. And we headed out to Dixie Rock. We hiked up, and got all strapped in, and they told me when we get half way to stop on this ledge, and smile for a picture..

So I get ready to go. I was a little nervous. Considering I have done so many other more scary things, I was nervous and it was weird. But nevertheless I did it! And got to the ledge, and turned around for a picture, but then his parents were there! Then I knew. Steven started saying nice things, and then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He pulled out a Tissue Box, and inside of that was a ring box...dundundun and I said yes. Then we finished rappelling down Dixie Rock.

That was that. Apparently there was a rumor going around, which I never heard, that he was going to propose on my birthday. Steven started it on purpose, but it never got around to me. Haha.

So I'm getting married..

The Month of September

Autumn! I think I'm having more fun than she is

Okay. I'm the worst updater now! I'm terrible at it!
Quick review of this past month

School It's kicking my butt! That's what's up! I have so much homework, and reading, and projects all the time! I can't wait for it to be done, and be graduated. Hoping that I can find myself a job that it! I am in a Kindergarten class at Washington Elementary school, which is 2 blocks away from my house, and I absolutely love it!! It's the best part of my week I think. I come home weekly with stories that make my days. Like this week a girl peed her pants, and was almost in tears. Another little boy gave me a pet lizard. And one of the little girls took a pink marker and used it for "lipstick" I bet her mom loved that!

Institute Council AMAZING!! We just had our first back to school dance. Thanks to a great Council, it was success. The best success we've ever seen at a dance in years!! We did a Karaoke theme, and so half of the time we had some great singers, and some of the time..not so much, and then they played music we could all dance to as well. It was perfect! Now we are planning our next dance which is going to be girls choice, and square dancing it's going to be awesome!! I can't wait!

Gotta love Kamy!
Work also great. I love my job still. I now spend the night once a week with the family, and have a room all to myself. It works out perfect for doing homework and studying. The family is beyond good to me. It's odd being spoiled by people you work for needless to say! I won't complain though that's for sure. Then my second job- the box office is always fun. Sometimes it doesn't even feel like we are working

YSA Conference We had the privilege of attending a YSA conference for the two YSA stakes this month. Where John Bytheway spoke, and Elder Oaks and his wife, along with Elder Rassband. It was a great experience. We learned a lot about the temple, and finances. At least those were the classes that we decided to attend. After EFY it was a great refresher to be better.

Dove Center As many of you may know, I volunteer at the Dove Center. It's a center and shelter for women who have been abused. It's becoming apart of me. I am only there once a week, but this past month I helped out with a presentation to a Young Women's group at church for 12-18 year olds. Volunteering at the center is awesome because you get to see the good side of things, people are so generous with donations. Like today we had a Bishop come in with 200 quilts that they made, 6000 diapers, about 150 sets of sheets, and tears came to my eyes. The shelter was overwhelmed with the donations. Then to see it from the Shelter's side of things, and the women who are there. It helps me to see the bright side. That I need to be more grateful for love, and that I don't have a fear of men, and haven't ever been hurt so bad that I had to leave a situation, or been hurt that it tears me apart. We really are lucky.

Bryce Canyon!

Steven and I
 Labor day weekend we went up to Bryce canyon. It was fun. We took the motorcycle up and it was freezing!!  We go to the library all the time, and every weekend we make time to go to DI and we usually find some good deals! We went up to Provo this last weekend for Alayna Grahams farewell, which she did a fabulous job on! And we came back quick!

Short and sweet and to the point...Now read the above for the great news.
Both of our backpacks