Friday, December 4, 2009

The Library is my best friend

When you need peace and quiet go to the library
If you want to here people be embarrassed because there phone went off go to the Library
When you want to run into people you know, Go to the library
If you want to sleep go to the library
If you're hot, go to the Library, its freezing year round
If you want to see the basketball team, go to the library down stairs.
Wish you could read children books? Go to the lower level of the library
Want to know what a random person is doing this weekend? Listen to there convo on the phone. Hilarious
Need an outlet? There's plenty in the library
If you want to see people sleeping with there mouth open, go to the library
Dont go to the library to avoid people you know
Go with a jacket and gloves, its freezing
Bring your own Dry erase markers the libraries suck
I'm at the library too much as you can see, but its a whole new world in its self.
I love it =]

Procrastinating the last three sections of review for my math test on Monday. I think I succeeded very well. Thank you very much.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm posting this VIA blackberry...I'm not sure if this is going to work but I will give it a shot

Brian will be here in three hours and I'm about to go insane!!!!!!!!

The feeling of comfort

First of all I might as well update on the past few months of my life.

October was great. My Birthday. First one away from family. I started my clinicals for my CNA, and I'm officially done now, which is a nice relief. Brian came Halloween weekend. =]
I went to general conference, and got to spend some time with Annie. I miss her tons!
I've made friends who are going to stick forever. Trina Alayna and Connie. They are wonderful girls. Together we make each other stronger in our weak points, and bring a strong bond of friendship. We are constantly laughing and have smiles on our faces. They are wonderful girls.
I continue to grow spiritually out here more than I have ever experienced. The sunday night firesides enlighten me so greatly. Every Sunday night I tell Alayna that I want to feel the way I do on Sunday's every day of the week. So this week I'm actually striving to feel that way everyday. It's tuesday and I'm feeling great. I started to read the GC talks in this months ensign, and reading my scriptures more diligently. I have been comforted in so many ways. My bishop offered to give me a blessing because he felt that he needed to. Come to find out he told me that it was more for his benefit than mine, and that he loves me. I love my bishop. He's a man called of God, that I have grown to love.
This past sunday I just found out that Nana will most likely be going on Dialysis soon, and for the first time in my life, when bad news has been born to me, I was comforted, and I knew that everything would work out. No matter what happens things will be okay. I'm so grateful for the holy spirit, and for being able to have comfort when I need it the most. This gospel has helped me through everything, and all that I've ever needed.
I registered for next semesters classes. I will be taking 20 credits. Call me crazy but I know that I can do it. I'm taking Chem, Bio,Enligh, math and human development. No big deal.
I want to learn how to play the piano. And the guitar. I want to be a jack of all trades. I want to go to hair school, and learn to cut hair. I want to travel the world. The list just goes on. One day I will just write down all the things that I want to do before I die.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Things Change.

So Basically Life goes on, and things come up and we decide what we want to do with our lives, and where we want to be, and then something usually gets in the way, actually something always gets in the way.

My Plan: I wanted to finish school with a bachelors degree in two and a half years, and then probably get married, and work for like 4 years and then have kids right? okay so that's simple right. Well I would graduate at that rate when i was twenty one almost twenty two I think.

The interruption: I think I have pretty much decided to go on a mission. It just feels like the right thing to do. I know I'm only nineteen and I cant go until I'm twenty one but I can send my papers in early, regardless I have a lot of time, and why decide now? Call me crazy I guess. I love the gospel, and I've never had a problem sharing it. It just comes naturally to me, and I'm so grateful for that gift. Being out here in Utah has made me realize even more the love that I have for this gospel, and others, and how I want to bring more people to Christ. And bring them truth.

So my plans for that are demolished. I mean maybe I will finish school and then go on one, but it may be a nice break to just leave like with two semesters to go. I don't have to decide that just now though. I can wait. But I will need to get the money. I need a job =0 I wont be able to take 18 credits with a job. At least I don't think I will be able to. But then again I did do a lot in High school and I managed to survive on 5 hours of sleep every night.

What I do know, is that I'm doing the right thing. That I am suppose to be here in St. George. I know I can do whatever I put my mind to. More importantly I can do whatever I have faith in the Lord to do. His will be done. That's what it comes down. Putting your trust in Him, and having faith that things will turn out.

Friday, September 18, 2009


So being out here, i've learned a lot about myself, what I can handle and what I can't. Like I like to stay up late when I don't have to get up early. I plan ahead I always knew that, but I obsess. I hate missing the opening prayer to things. It bothers me. I get things done right when they are handed to me. I miss Brian a lot. I want to get school done fast. I love seeing the gospel change peoples lives. I have stopped biting my nails. Which is a great thing. I read my scriptures in my free time. I miss home a lot. I need the sun. Which I have here so thats a good thing. I put too much pressure on myself to do well, so when I don't do well I get sad, an feel worthless. I need food about every 3 hours or I am grumpy. I don't like it when people tease me. I didn't grow up like that so I don't intend on changing that part about me. It comes off rude to me. I get annoyed really easily when people take things too far. I want to slap people. I like movies no one else likes. I am a serious person and only my best friends no that I have a humorous side. I want to make others better. I want to bring others up.

I am considerate of others. I do things when I'm not told to. I do the things others don't do because they are too lazy. Like picking up trash on the stairs. I hate walking through grass but I will do it to get some place faster. If I died tomorrow I would want my head stone to say "always had it together". Because I do. Everything is always planned out, and most of the time it gets done that way too. I dont put trust in others very easily. I am always let down, so thats why I do a lot of things myself. In my mind if I don't do them, then it wont get done the way I want it to. I swear my wedding planner will be my best friend because I cant handle the stupid crap. I pay attention to everything around me, but I overlook the little things. I watch how people react to things. I alway wonder what people are thinking about in the cafeteria. I've tried making new friends, but no one seems to fit the way people used to.

I am different. I know what I'm good at and I know what I suck at. I have confidence, but I don't boast. I want to be a jack of all trades. I want to know how to do everything. My papa is who I want to be when I'm old. I want to be who he is now. He inspires me. If I nap during the day I wont sleep at night. When bugs don't attack me they are interesting to watch. My fish darwin entertains me frequently, though, he only swims up and down and stares. If someone will listen I can talk for hours. My thoughts arent random. They lead from one thing to another. They make sense. I plan for the future a lot, and I probably always will, because I truly believe that Ghandi's words, " what we do today will be present in our future", is so true. I hate talking about politics. I see both sides, and I hate the bickering. You wont change someone talking about politics. Its dumb. I love the sound of rain.

I don't watch TV, or the news. I'm not ignorant. I get my news from the internet. TV brainwashes you. It's a proven fact. I love my mom she is my best friend. I love getting pedicures. My toes are always painted. I like to feel pretty majority of the time. I like to be outside. I remember random things. But I don't remember facts on history. What I really want to do with my life is simple. Be a wife, and raise my children, travel the world, and help others. I will succeed at that.

There's a lot to me. I'm not complicated, I just know who I am.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Doubt is not exactly the word I'm looking for. Maybe concern, goals, or change is better. I'm debating on coming back home to Florida to school. I miss it here without a doubt. I miss my missionary experiences that I would get everyday. I miss the weather and all the little things in between. I wanted to get away and out so fast, and now I just want to go back home. Its ridiculous. So over Christmas Break I will probably be applying to another school. Either FSU or FGCU. Annie and I have talked back and forth about it. Change is good, But there are something thats I'm not okay with. And its not a bad thing at all.

So besides that, my trip here as been awesome. =]

Its official. I have stopped biting my nails. I know that no one really reads this, but I feel the need to express my accomplishment. Its taken a while.

I'm excited to go back to my new home.
I miss Kristin Alayna and Annika.

A month until my birthday! I get to go up to Salt Lake! Woo Hoo!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Flying East

I get to go home tomorrow! Can't wait!

Darwin. "What a captivating creature he is" as Kristin says strongly.
He truly is though. He is a funny little guy. I have some bamboo where he dwells, and he manages to slip though two strands of it with a breeze. He will come up to the glass and move his head back and forth like he is about to cross the street. Kristin was reading a story to me for out English class and I just sat watching him. I get lost in him. Really I do.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Accomplice. Who would of thought?

Yesterday we had quite the entertainment. The roomies and I went down to go watch a movie on the big screen, and this women walked in with her child, and she was like,"I'm not crazy, I am allergic to strawberries and I need some benadryll." So Kristin gave her some because she is allergic to nuts. So she was talking to us about all her problems, and telling us about how she is 25 and has 6 kids and her husband is in Prison, and she was being weird about the fact that Kristin and I had boyfriends, and she was talking about getting it on with Polynesians, and black guys. And we were starting to get bad vibes. She was from Cedar and came here to get a new car, and she couldnt call her parents because they could pick her up, and was saying that she couldnt drive back and was asking us to go with her up there. She invited us to a party up there. It was just all really weird. So point of me telling you this..She was a criminal and wanted for her arrest. CRAZY! go figure that we would be the ones who tried to help her hu?

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Duties

First football game was last night. And we won! I forgot how much fun it is to watch a football game with friends. We met some really cool girls that were sitting behind us, and they live by us. Alayna Kristin and I are trying to make one new acquaintance or friend each day. It's usual in the Cafe. It really is a great place to meet people.

I ran into my Bishop last night, he is so awesome. I already love him. He asked if I could be interviewed apparently they had been trying to contact me, but they were calling the wrong number. It was a good thing I stopped by. I have duties and responsibilities to fulfill in the Ward now. I'm honored and so thrilled to be apart of something again.

I had the opportunity to experience laundry in college. Woo hoo. Nothing special I promise. It's just really hot down in the basement. Alayna and I tried to study for BIO/CNA but it just wasnt working out for us. There was another freshman down with us, that just wanted to talk and talk and know how that goes. Finally she left and we were able to get a bit of studying to do.

Tonight is the Foam dance and I'm so psyched! Cant wait. Then I believe we are going on a night swim at Scott's.

I'm so grateful for the friends that I've been able to make. I always worry about associating myself with the right people, and I know that I don't have to worry with these guys. They truly are more than I could ever ask for. An answer to prayers really.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Daily stresses of college

So Monday and Friday are offically my only relaxing days. I just go go go. But nevertheless I'm having fun, and controlling my stress level. My Bio teacher is a witch, but there's always one. It will be a challenging class and I will have to work and study harder than ever.

Last night Kristin and I had a deep discussion on the afterlife and our minds kept going into the abyss of unanswered questions. Finally at about 3am we went to sleep. No big deal ya know?

When all is said and done, I miss home, but I love being able to come home to Kristin Alayna and Annika where I can just lay all my stories on and they will laugh and listen and keep me going. They truly are what friends should be like in College.

Cant wait for a new day tomorrow. I have my Math class in the morning and then I will be running all around campus to get things done, and taking tests, and going crazy inbetween. Attending my Bio and First year Experience class. LAMEE.

I cant wait for the weekend to arrive it will be awesome just to relax and not have anything to worry about.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The college Madness

So college is not at all as bad as I thought it would be. Besides all the hustle and bustle on my way to Math at 7:50am its pretty calm around here. My first day went great. I had math, and my teacher is Romanian, she has a really thick accent, reminds me of a high school teacher I had Mr. Lorenzo. Then I have my CNA class and I'm like one of 10 girls out of 25..what a surprise?

There are so many activities going on theres no way you can be bored.

I've already grown to love my roommates. Last night they came home, and I was already in bed, and I sat up and I just said," I just love you guys". It was quite the ice breaker for one, but they are awesome. It's like we've known each other for years, but its only been like 5 days. Its awesome.

I'm excited to move on into the next chapter of my life. It will be quite the experience, but I'm ready for whatever is in store for me.