Friday, December 4, 2009

The Library is my best friend

When you need peace and quiet go to the library
If you want to here people be embarrassed because there phone went off go to the Library
When you want to run into people you know, Go to the library
If you want to sleep go to the library
If you're hot, go to the Library, its freezing year round
If you want to see the basketball team, go to the library down stairs.
Wish you could read children books? Go to the lower level of the library
Want to know what a random person is doing this weekend? Listen to there convo on the phone. Hilarious
Need an outlet? There's plenty in the library
If you want to see people sleeping with there mouth open, go to the library
Dont go to the library to avoid people you know
Go with a jacket and gloves, its freezing
Bring your own Dry erase markers the libraries suck
I'm at the library too much as you can see, but its a whole new world in its self.
I love it =]

Procrastinating the last three sections of review for my math test on Monday. I think I succeeded very well. Thank you very much.

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