Thursday, February 18, 2010


I've come to realize that I'm the type of person who loves change, I can't stay doing the same thing all the time. I think it's a good thing otherwise life is boring. I mean I like to have order in my life and I"m extremely organized, but to try new things and switch it up more often is what I really like.

While I went to Arizona for the long weekend, I borrowed a book from my friend Jeese. The Blind Side, the one about Michael Oher. Well I was reminded of how much I love to read. I used to read in the summers all the time, but since school gets in the way I don't even have time to think of what books I should read. Connie and I were at Target in the book section, and holy cow we were both going nuts wanting all the books hahaha. My Next read is going to be Dear John, by Nicholas Sparks.

I havent blogged in a while, but I just havent had that much time. I'm going to try and keep it up a bit more and see where this thing takes me. =]

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