Friday, April 29, 2011

Wrapping it up

I told you I was getting better at this blogging thing!

So I'm happy to say that Student Government is done! I cleaned out my office on Wednesday! And I am not going to lie..I'm so glad it's over. That's the one thing this year that has carried weight on my brain, and shoulders, and fingers. Literally. But it's been fun nonetheless. I've learned a ton about patience. And what to do when people don't stick to their word. I've learned more about keeping an open mind about so many things. I've learned that politically I don't swing to one side or the other. Sorry you political people. I just feel that you gotta pick what's right as a whole, and that doesn't necessarily mean that one side of the political divide is right or wrong, it just means it's different. I'm reminded that people need to be unified to have things work. If it's not things just fall apart. I've learned that sometimes you have to be more flexible with people, and your time. Which for me is hard because I'm a planner, and super organized so I can get frustrated easily when things are dropped out of the blue, or things come up randomly. But some how things just work out. Funny how things work that way isn't it.

Class are done!!!! Yet there are still Finals. I have mixed emotion about it finally being here. It's bittersweet like I've been saying all along. But I had my first final yesterday it was just presenting my e-portfolio, and a "mock" classroom website. It was kind of entertaining I'm not going to lie. It's kind of like scrapbooking. But we presented them in class last night. Then this morning I took another final, which was a breeze. Now I have three left. Psychology, Child's lit, and Math for education. I'm stressing about my math, but that's what always happens to me! Then I've got a study session with the lovely Megan Jolley! She's the smart one, so I'm glad we can study for one of my finals together. And then for math we have a few of us studying together.  So I think I will be just fine. I'm crossing my fingers though.  A tender mercy I have yet to be blessed with, that is people who know what they are talking about and that can help me!

The most exciting part of all of this is that Connie and I moved out!! Woo! After a grueling, frustrating, and stressing process, we found a place to live out in Washington! It's so cute. I will have pictures up soon I promise! It's split level, so the bedrooms are all upstairs, and then the living room and kitchen are downstairs. I'm so relieved to have found a place. It's another tender mercy I have been blessed with.

Another thing to cross off the list was institute graduation. My grandparents were able to come out, and so was Steven and Kaj, and the girls. So that was great. I appreciated it. I had the opportunity to speak, and while being last, I felt that everything that already been said, but I told a story about when I was in Costa Rica and a night dive that I went on, and related it all to hope, and being anchored in Christ. I actually like speaking in front of people so I enjoyed it. But I'm happy to say that it's over.

I had my interview for female student of the year. And I feel pretty good about it, but if I don't get it, I am just honored to be one of the 5 finalists!

Oh and I don't know if this was mentioned in the last post or not, but I had 3 interviews and I have another one this coming Wednesday. All for different things. Hopefully I get one of them, but we will see!

Oh yeah! Last weekend was Easter! It was perfect! I went up to Springdale on Saturday and spent time with Steven, and some of his family. We went to Blondie's this cute little diner for lunch, and went up on a hike in Zion which was great! We went up by Court of Patriarch's but it's an unbeaten path that we went up, literally uphill, but it was fun. Lots of big beetle looking stink bugs. Gross! And then Easter was incredible. Our ward Choir was awesome! They had a whole program for us. And then I went out and spent some time with my grandparents in Toquerville, and Steven came, and we went to the fireside. Which was great too. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that we died eggs! Which was hilarious, something I am not good at, but had fun.

Okay so speaking of..Steven and I. I guess I can have a section about it now without being a wierdy. But it's going good. I'm pretty excited for him to actually live in St. George though, because then we can see each other more often, and I wont feel bad when he drives a bajillion miles to come out to see me. His friend Kaj who was baptized while Steven was out in Canada on his mission is visiting! Which is a ton of fun! And he is going on a mission to Poland next week! Which is way exciting! They both came out this morning and helped me move which I was so grateful for their help. I was pretty ornery though, and such a brat today. Oh we made these blocks together last weekend and finished them this week for my math class, and it was so fun! Oh, and I welded something for the first time! It was a little derby kart that his brother was tinkering with, and needed to have the tire pumped, but in order for that to happen they had to break the metal pieces and then weld it back together. But anyway, it's been going great! I love doing things, something I like is that we never just sit around and do nothing, we are always busy doing something together, but if we do just sit, we can have real conversations, or just sit and not talk and it's fine. Some people don't like that, but I don't mind it at all, but I talk his ear off most of the time anyway haha. What else can I tell you? It's just peachy though. I finally found someone who is constantly doing things for others, and always fixing things. I love that. Oh and, we had a lesson about forgiving others in our institute class, and it was just what I needed, but Steven and I talked a lot about it after, but more specifically dealing with something that I dont like to talk about with a lot of people, and he just listened, yet was helpful, and you know how sometimes when people say things and you're like, "That doesn't help at all," or "can't you just let me vent" type of thing but I don't feel that way..if that makes any sense at all. Anyway like I said, things are great! :)

Oh and I got things all squared away for Washington D.C I think! Woohoo! I can't wait!

In a week, I will be on a plane to Phoenix to head to Hawaii, and I am thrilled. I cant wait to just get on that plane and leave everything behind! :)

So that's the latest and greatest. Not too exciting to be honest.

But some upcoming things this next week: Study like an obsessed college student who wants to get good grades. Finish unpacking and organizing the new place. Study more. And take my finals. Pack for my trip to Hawaii and Florida, and then I have an interview next week as well! I can't wait to get the heck out of here. It's time for a break!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bittersweet ending and recap

Warning: Long Post. 

Current News.
Another chaotic week in my life. Only 2 more of those left! What a relief. When I get on that plane to head to Hawaii, I am going to let out the biggest exhale, and everything will be left behind! 

I did a research paper on anxiety for my psychology class, and I'm so happy to have that done. Actually I am officially done with all of my assignments now, and it's crunch time for finals. I finished up tutoring this year. It's bittersweet to see the kids go because they have grown up a little, and learned even more. I finished up my last Children's Literature assignment! What a relief that was too! I think we counted and read over 50 books this semester. Work has been picking up a little bit, and slowing down at the same time. I worked a 14 hour shift on Saturday. LONGEST DAY OF MY LIFE! Oh and I even got called a "female dog." I thought I was going to lose my job for about 15 seconds, and then my big boss for that day was like "pshh you're fine, she's the female dog." She was a crazy lady though that's for sure! It's hilarious looking back on it now though. Glad that day is over though. Steven came to church with us at the Singles Ward for the first time! I was thinking about it, and of all times for Steven to just drop in, it's the most hectic, stressful, busiest, most tiring part of the semester, and there he is. He shared a quote with me, and I found that it's from Sex and the City, but it said-

Everything you ever ever wanted comes the very second you stop looking for it.

And all I'm going to say about it is that it's so true! The end. 
But I know some of you are wondering, just like the rest of everyone who asks...Steven and I are great. He took me out to breakfast which is my favorite date in the whole wide world (besides a library one, but that will come later) and it was so fun. Except that I got a salad instead of potatoes which was weird first thing in the morning if I do say so myself!  But we are good. Tomorrow we are going to this new Hot Dog place with Connie! I can't wait, and then we are making these blocks for my math class with each other. One thing that I love, is that I can talk and talk and talk and talk, and he just listens, and laughs at me, or with me probably more at me, but that's alright. There's hope for you girls out there. I promise.

With the end of the year rapidly coming to an end, I'm starting to reflect a ton on everything that's happened since January. Which is a ton! I can't believe how much has happened academically, spiritually, socially, mentally, and physically. I have said this in almost every post thus far, but this semester has been the most challenging one for me, yet rewarding. Being enrolled in 20 credits- I don't suggest it when you have 2 jobs, a major church calling, and are involved in student government, and tutor at an elementary school, and the dove center. Just not a good idea. We'll see how my grades turn out at the end. The only class that I'm really worried about it math. Which is always case. Regardless, I have grown so much this semester. I have an increased appreciation for education, a passion for serving others, and an understanding of the Lord's will. Beyond that, I have made friendships that will last forever that I am ever grateful for.

On the past semester, and all the great things that have happened.

Remember when I was sick for two months? No exaggeration there either. I sure remember. I can honestly say, that it was the most challenging to still stay on top of everything, and yet it was a blessing. It made me realize how important it is to stay healthy, and how grateful I am for when I am healthy. It just slows you down. But I only get sick like every other year or so, and when I do it's pretty bad, and this time it was for a long period of time. But every time that I do, it's like Heavenly Father is saying, "Hey Gabbi, SLOW DOWN!" And I'm forced to take a chill pill, and find time for myself to get better, which is really hard for me sometimes. Thank goodness for pedicures, that's really all I need time for when it comes to treating myself lol. When my toes are happy, I'm happy. End of story. 

Student Government. Man oh man. Where do I even begin. What a fun transition it was in being the administrative assistant. But I can say that it was the most draining. Towards the end I was burnt out to the crisp too. It's so repetitive that I get annoyed. That being said, I learned so much about dealing with people, and how the legislature works, all about higher education, and met important dignitaries throughout the semester. One person can make a difference and it was shown this past semester with all the changes that are happening this upcoming year at Dixie. I found a passion for Dixie, and that Dixie Spirit that all the alumni and ole folks talk about. Being apart of it has helped me to realize that no matter how far away from home you may be, that you can bring home to wherever you are. Everyone has something different to offer, and I think that's why I love to be involved in something that means so much to me. I have to clean out my office this next week, and I'm torn. But next year's executive council will be great, I know they will. 

School. Holy Moley! 20 credits. And I think I stayed on top of it all. I never had a late assignment, and I passed CIS with the lovely help of Alayna Graham! My hardest class was Psychology, but it was the class that I learned the most in. I can honestly say that I know I'm going into to teaching, because it's where I fit. My Children's lit class was the most time consuming, and draining. I was constantly reading books, which wasn't a bad thing, it was just time consuming, and sometimes when you're so tired, it's almost not even worth reading, because you just have to re read what you already read, and you still don't understand it! I'm a slow reader to, even though I love to read, but that class was inspiring, and so optimistic on children, and the teaching aspect. I can't wait to have my own library! CIS what a pain in the but that class was. But we all have to do it. My advice if it means anything to anyone: TEST OUT OF ALL OF THE OBJECTIVES!! You can totally do it. I tested out of everything except Excel and regret not testing out. Just take all the tutorials, and practice tests, and you will pass with flying colors.

Tutoring. It's over! I'm so sad. Those kids kept me seine. They taught me a lot about patience. Those little hispanic kids are my favorite too. When they read to me, they would read in English, but sometimes their little spanish accents would come out and they would read a word with the spanish dialect. I loved it, and never corrected them on it...oops. I just thought it was the cutest thing! I had my favorites. John and Javeria. Javeria improved her scores so much throughout the year. Seeing other people succeed is by far my favorite thing. Like watching the olympics I don't care who wins, just seeing people succeed at something that they have worked so hard doing gives me goosebumps all up and down my spine. I can't help it. 

Dove Center. PHEW I'm getting worn out just thinking about all of this stuff. What a great team to work with! We did so much to get Greg Mortenson hear in St. George, and we did it! It was such a great experience for me, and towards the end, I started to pray about what I was going to do afterwards to serve, and then all of these opportunities arose. I can't wait to start! It's going to be another learning and growing experience for me. I'll be headed to Washington D.C this summer thanks to Kay Ackerman, a women that I volunteered with, and will be helping out with a summer camp for girls afterwards. It's going to be great!

Institute. WOW. What a great experience this has been, and definitely paid off too. This semester we had the highest number of students enrolled than ever. Which to give other people some credit, it makes sense because the enrollment at Dixie is rising in general, but still! It's great news! It's been so fun planning activities, even though majority of the time I had to work. Some were successful, and some weren't, but I think we all learned a lot about communicating with one another, and recognizing the needs of both stakes. I can't wait for next year. It's going to be even better. I can already feel the unity we have with the new Executive council! 

The Lords Will. Funny how things work out the way they are suppose to, and not when we want them to right?! This past semester has been full of good news, and bad news, but I've learned to take the bad and throw it away because it's what brings you down, and the good news brings you up, and most of the time the bad things are so little that it doesn't really matter. My path has been brightly lit thanks to the will of the Lord. I'll be on my way to becoming a teacher in the Fall. Which I couldn't be more excited, and scared about. I'm going to Hawaii which has been a goal since about October, one reason why I had two jobs. Then I'll be home for almost 2 weeks! I haven't been home in six months, and I'm going to take advantage of every minute I'm home! I'll be up at BYU Provo to do EFY counseling, which has been on my bucket list since I was 14. 7 Years later, and it's being crossed off! I'll be going to Washington D.C for a Leader conference for Women by myself, and that has worked out so smoothly, I can't even tell you how generous people around me have been to support me in going. I've never been, so I'm excited, and a little nervous. There's potential for me to help out at a 7th and 8th grade summer camp for girls as well, and be a camp teacher type thing, which I would totally love! The more and more I think about it, I should go into communications, but maybe after I get my Elem Ed. degree? Things just fall into place right as they are suppose to. 

I think I covered all the basics of this past semester. But here's a few more things. 

As I've been away from home for 2 years now, I see myself turning into my mother. I can say that I love it. I'm not doing it on purpose, it's just mother nature literally working!

In institute a girl shared a story, and then applied it to the following. You have a white piece of paper, and there is a black dot in the center, and then below the dot in small print it says, "See the white." Basically meaning that as we looks around us, we need to see the good in things, that one black spot doesn't cover up everything good in someone or something. I loved that thought. Made me think. 

Somethings I need to get better at. Patience. Yet, I have come to my own conclusion that patience is an eternal virtue that we will always have to work on. I also need to work on my sympathy I have towards others. Sometimes I have this attitude of- get over it, or life's tough move on. I give credit to my family for that and all my coaches I ever had. If you know what the smallest violin is, you know what I'm talking about. Thankfully I have learned to just get over it, not dwell, and move on, but others don't really and so I need to be better at showing sympathy, and empathy. I find that there are always things I can be striving to be better at, but when I'm not trying to become better at something I'm lacking in, is when I become prideful. Just as the scriptures say

 bgive unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my cgrace is sufficient for all men that dhumble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make eweak things become strong unto them.

With that being said, Easter is on Sunday! I love this time of year. It's a great time to reflect on the life of Christ, and the atonement. I've been challenged to memorize The Living Christ, which- with how busy I am, has been quite the challenge for me. But I am almost done memorize it, and it's become such a blessing in my life. I know the Christ is my Savior, I know that he atoned for the sins, not just mine, but for the world. I know that he lived a life to set the example for us to follow. How important it is for us to try our hardest, but when we fall, we can count on him to pick us back up again. He is the light, the truth, and the way to life. I know that we can overcome all things through Christ. We have to put our faith and trust in him, and things will work out for our good as it says in Romans 8:28. 

I hope that this Easter we can all have a magnified reflection on Christ's life, and emulate his example for the rest of our lives. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Springdale Weekend and Conference

So this past weekend, was fabulous! I am getting better at this whole updating thing. Knock on wood

April 2-3
General Conference weekend! It was so much fun. I realized a lot about being an only child. I could not handle having brothers! I was with Connie and her brother Steven all weekend long, and it was fun and hilarious, but contentious much of the time, and I was like ahh. No Bueno. Looking back I can laugh now. Let me back up a little bit though. Steven(boyfriend) and I rode up on his Grandpa's motorcycle, which had a sidecar attached to it. Some people that passed us took a picture. I'm sure it looks funny, but it was so fun.  Once we got up to Provo I met up with Connie, and we went and did a little shopping. We are the worst shoppers. We encourage money spending. If she likes something, I tell her to buy it. I think I get that from my mom. And if she tells me to buy something, I probably will. Definitely not healthy. Then again we don't get to do much shopping in St. George, because there is no shopping to be had here. 

Saturday morning we woke up at the crack of dawn to get over to the Conference Center in Salt Lake, and We had to stand in the Standby line, because Steven(brother) didn't have a ticket. Then what are the chances that we run into someone? HIGH! Right as we got to sit on the cold cement, who do we see running around Temple Square? Our Stake President, President Gubler!! We yell out his name, and go talk to him for a little bit, and he asked us if we needed another ticket! And we did! He said that he had one that he could give to us! What a tender mercy that was! So we got a ticket, but in the meantime, we got to talk to some of the Sister Missionaries. They were so cute! I wish that we could have talked to them longer, but it was great. One was from South America, and another one was from Virginia. When we got into the conference center, we were so close. Sitting in the Plaza of the Conference Center. Afterwards we met up with both Steven's and walked a bajillion miles to get back to the car. We went to Gateway mall, and ran into a few people I knew from school and church! Small world! Which was great, we spent too much money, but I got some cute things!

Sunday we got up early. What an adventure this was. Steven(brother) ended up locking his keys in his car. We didn't end up leaving at 7:30 like we planned, but more like 9:00. Funny looking back, but definitely not in the moment. Oh and did I mention it was snowing? Yeah me and snow, driving with another person, not so good with the accident I was in a while back. We picked up Steven(boyfriend), and we got home safe and sound.

A few things I got out of conference:

Elder L Tom Perry:
Be an example of the believers & Keep the Sabbath day Holy

Jean A. Stevens
Look to children as an example. Be quick to love. Contagious optimism can meet adversity with hope. 

Elder Gonzalez
Followers of Christ are loving people and make and keep covenants.
His Tender mercies will make us mighty
Following is a call to action and shows love and obedience

Elder Richards
Pain brings you to a sense of humility to ponder. 

Quinton L. Cook
Remain strong, immovable and true to the faith
A mother in the home maintains balance

Elder Eyring
Join and Serve. Lift up those in need. 
Have I done any good in the world today?
When you're generous to others, He's generous to you. 

Elder Uchtdorf
It comes one piece at a time to see more clearly the paths. He speaks to us where we can hear with our hearts. If we are thinking of only ourselves we may miss the needs of others.  Selfless acts of service refine our spirits. By becoming the answer to someone elses prayer we may find the answer to our own. If we live according to our beliefs, people will notice.

Bishop Burton
Enduring patiently builds our character
the only way to see the view is to make the climb. Sometimes we are tried only to pull through with blessings.

Sylvia H Alred
Love one Another
Rejoice in the opportunity to serve others

David A Bednar
Act and not be acted upon. Have confidence that the Lord will guide your steps

President Monson
I love to see the Temple

Richard G Scott
Expressions of love

Carl B Pratt
Provident living=self reliance

Benjamin De Hojas
Dedicate to Eternal Families
Eternal Tranquility

This past week was crazy! So many meetings, and projects for school, presentations, and work, and try to have a social life. It's getting to me. I can't wait for this semester to be done! 3 more weeks until finals!
Steven came out on Wednesday and he heart attacked my door. We went to dinner and then institute, and had an awesome lesson, on being one, and on love. It was ironic that's for sure. Something that stuck with me, and still does is this thought on love: To love is to be Vulnerable. That being said, after institute we went to Krave, because I had a free bowl! We ran into Annie March and Allison Carrol from Bishop Brackens ward, and it was fun to talk with them, and catch up real quick. Thursday was way crazy, I had two presentations a 7am mtg, and the usually crazyness, but guess who came to visit me on a whim? Yeah Steven. He's so thoughtful. Just what I needed despite all the stuff I had to get done. Then Friday I got all my homework done so that I could just have fun over the weekend. I just had tons of errands to run, and relaxed. Saturday the girls and I went to look at a condo, it was cute, and awesome we all like it, but the whole checked of the credit score thing doesn't run over too well with us, which is understandable. Steven came over, oh and he brought goldfish. Some more brownies points! We went to Olive Garden with his family for his mom's birthday Saturday night, and then Steven and I went and walked around the temple afterwards. It was freezing cold on my little toes though! We finally got back to my grandparents house, just to wake up a few hours later to go to church in Springdale.

His ward does things backwards, RS first, then Sunday school, and then Sacrament meeting. I like it better that way though. Our Lesson in RS was on Charity, which I love I think I am now obsessed with Charity. It encompasses so many different attributes, and yet is so simple if we just acquire a desire to be charitable. I just love it. Sunday school, I was distracted, I don't exactly remember what the lesson was on to be honest. But what was so cool about Steven's ward, was all the visitors that were there. Because it's in Zion, there are tons of tourists that come and visit for the weekend..etc. And it was awesome to see  the congregation filled with people from all over. I loved it! Testimony meeting was awesome too. We had dinner afterwards, and 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Attention: My Life:: Steve. Job. Greg Mortenson.

I have a boyfriend. I met Greg Mortenson. He's my hero. I love Children. New opportunities are presented themselves in front of me! :) Now read for the details.

Okay once again I fail at updating on the exciting things that happen in my life! I'm sorry
First of all, I didn't mention this in my last post but it's safe to do so now. 

At the stake conference that I went to with my grandparents that Elder Holland was speaking at, I was suppose to meet my Nana's Physical Therapists son. Random I know. But when Connie and I got there, the choir was up at the front and I saw this guy, and I was like Oh Connie he is cute! And we were trying to figure out if he was an RM (return missionary) or not, because sometimes it's hard to tell if you don't talk to a person. Anyway, so afterwards my Nana, Connie and I went up to go see Nancy (the PT) and she was like well my son has a girlfriend now, but I'll go find him anyway. So we went and waited for her to bring back her son. She didn't bring her son. Well, remember the boy in the choir? Well, that's who she brought. Name: Steven Young. Just got home from a mission in Canada. Question answered. Connie couldn't help but laugh in the background because I just happened to meet a guy that I thought was cute! Crazy hu?! Well then I was being a weirdo and I was asking like 20 questions, and I had to go because my grandparents and connie and I carpooled. So I was just like well, I gotta go. So we left. In my mind I was like this is going nowhere! Never going to see him again. WRONG

I went home, and of course what do I do? Go to find him on Facebook. But how many Steven Young's do you think there are? Well I didnt have my MAC so I just looked him up on my phone, and well he was the first one that popped up, and I was like I'll just wait until I get home to ask him, but then no joke like two minutes later I got a request sent to my Blackberry asking me to be his friend on Facebook (I swear one day facebook will be so outdated and people will think we are all obsessed back in the day). So anyway, I accepted obviously. I was introduced as Gabriela, not Gabbi so I was impressed that he remembered what my name was, because most people don't remember.  So then I managed to give him my phone number.

Monday Morning March 21: at 9:34am (I only know that because I just looked in my phone) I don't usually remember numbers like that in case you were wondering, and he asked me when he could take me out.  At the time I truly had no idea, because my life is crazy mayhem, so I told him that I had to go into work, and get my schedule, and then I would let him know. So I went into work, and I had two options to do anything. Either Wednesday he go to institute with me and we do something afterwards, or Thursday after my night class. In my head I was like I'm doomed. But nope, I wasn't. He came to institute on Wednesday with me, and then we went out to ice cream at Coldstone.  

On Tuesday I went out to Dinner with Connie and the girls that she works with, and I found out that I'm actually going to be living with Steve's cousin. Talk about random!! Melissa got a text asking how she knew me, and didn't know the number so I put it in my phone, and it was Steve! And then we all kind freaked out for half a second. So we would have met eventually

Wednesday, March 23: I put in my two weeks at Pasta Factory!! I was so excited and relieved! Okay so Steve came over Wednesday and we walked over to institute, and went to class which is always like jaw dropping, and I walk away and my mind is going a million miles a minute.  We walked back, and I didn't know if he actually wanted to do anything, because it was late, and he lives about 45 minutes away right now, and I had a meeting early the next morning. But right away he suggested going to get Ice Cream, and if you know anything about me, I love Ice Cream thanks to my Papa serving me too much as a child it's continues on to now. So we just talked and talked, actually I probably just talked and talked. 

To be honest going into this I was like Heck, I could care less about dating anymore, I'm done, boys are stupid, and I'm never getting married. That was my mentality going into this one.  So I was just myself to the max. Well I guess Steve liked that. It's a good thing too. 

Friday was my last day at work!! I was so excited! So I actually didn't even end up working for the rest of the two weeks that I was suppose to. But I didn't mine. I wanted to get out of that place as fast as the gingerbread man! Steve and I went to see Limitless after I got off work, but before Connie and I went to dinner at 25 & Main. I love going out with her. The movie was okay, I wouldn't suggest it to be honest, but hey Bradley Cooper was in it, so I had to go and see it.

Saturday we went to the Temple, and we tried to go on a picnic, but it was really windy, cold, and rainy, and so we just had our picnic at his Grandma's town-home. Then afterwards we literally sat in my living room for like 3 hours, and just talked. I told him that I wasn't ready to move forward, that I'm scared of relationships, and I wont go into super detail about that, but most of you kinda know my feelings about relationships. But he was so sweet and understanding, and just said that he was willing to wait around for me.

Then Sunday he came to the fireside, and it was a weird one not going to lie. But for the first time, I didn't mind people seeing me with someone. Especially at a fireside, because that's like making a statement. You guys know what I mean. Well this time I actually didn't care that people saw me with Steve. So that was saying something to myself.

In the meantime, I'm going crazy with school, Connie and I found girls to live with! Melissa, and Brittney! I'm so excited. We are going to live in a house and we gotta get to working on that, because we need to be moved out in the next month. Also I thought that I had caught up on my homework and ahead on stuff when I went to Phoenix, but nooooo, my teachers are pounding me with tons of homework and big projects! I want to die! 

The whole Greg Mortenson thing was going on at all this time too, trying to get it all together, and keeping me from going crazy in the meantime.

This is hard trying to remember everything that's been happening. 
I'll just say this though, Steve is so good to me, he puts me on this pedestal like I'm the best thing in the world. I feel like I don't deserve it at all. He just treats me how a girl actually should be, and seeing how us girls aren't usually used to that we don't know what to do when it's actually happening. It's too good to be true.

Now that you have thrown up in your mouth a little bit, now for the humorous part. 
Tuesday March 29. Steve and I went to his house, I met his mom and dad, and his brothers and sisters. Oh and an Aunt and Uncle. We went up into Zion and hiked Weeping Rock and I saw a shooting star right? A normal person would be like what did you wish for right?  Nope that didn't happen.  Then we went back to my grandparents house, and I saw another shooting star, and he asked what I wished for and I told him, that didn't happen (I'm not giving all the details because it's barf material lol I don't want you to suffer) And then I told him that I trusted him. Which was like the main thing with being in a relationship right? For me at least. So I thought that might have connected something in his brain that I was ready to do this. NOPE!! WRONG!!! Then I just came out and said it. 
I swear it took forever for me to get it through his head! Until I said those two words! How simple was that right?! NOT! You just gotta lay it out for him. It was pretty funny though. So yes everyone. I have a boyfriend.

Okay so now for the Greg Mortenson event that I helped out with. It was so awesome! I totally recommend that everyone read his books, and get to know what is cause is, and you will truly want to go out and change the world, and make a difference. I got to meet him and talk one on one with him which was so amazing. I got to introduce 4 schools to him that raised money for his organization called Pennies for Peace and it was so cool to see all these cute little kids raise the money for a good cause. I got all my books signed by Greg, and he told me that I'd be a great teacher over seas. Which is what I would totally love to do. I'm in the paper today too! I was quoted in The Spectrum! There's even a picture in the paper of me with the kids and Greg, but you can't really see me, but I'm there!

Here's the link for the article
The paper version is better
Anyway. Here's a quote that I love

"Educate a boy, and your educate and

 individual. Educate a girl, and you educate a 


African proverb 

With all that being said. I was wondering after all this GM was done, what would I do to serve now? Because ever since high school I've always be involved and I can't not be involved, or I'll go crazy, so I've been praying to have more experiences to serve. Then last night after waiting for Greg and wrapping up the evening,  Katy (president of the DOVE center- which is a center for women who have experienced domestic violence) Asked me if I wouldn't mind joining her team, and speaking to high school girls about eating disorders! I was like heck yes! I'd love to! So now I know the next thing on my list! I'm so excited about that! 

Nana's Birthday is today, and it's April Fools. She got a new doo (a wig) It's different that for sure, but we went to Paula's a mexican restaurant. Fabulous time! I love spending time with my Nana and Papa. Papa took her up in a Hot air balloon ride! How cute is that!?!

Now with all that said:
I want to change the world
World Peace: next person to try
Go to Salt Lake w/ Steve and then meet up with Connie and her brother! I can't wait
General Conference this weekend! I'm so excited
Keep trying to memorize The Living Christ
4 more week til finals!