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Attention: My Life:: Steve. Job. Greg Mortenson.

I have a boyfriend. I met Greg Mortenson. He's my hero. I love Children. New opportunities are presented themselves in front of me! :) Now read for the details.

Okay once again I fail at updating on the exciting things that happen in my life! I'm sorry
First of all, I didn't mention this in my last post but it's safe to do so now. 

At the stake conference that I went to with my grandparents that Elder Holland was speaking at, I was suppose to meet my Nana's Physical Therapists son. Random I know. But when Connie and I got there, the choir was up at the front and I saw this guy, and I was like Oh Connie he is cute! And we were trying to figure out if he was an RM (return missionary) or not, because sometimes it's hard to tell if you don't talk to a person. Anyway, so afterwards my Nana, Connie and I went up to go see Nancy (the PT) and she was like well my son has a girlfriend now, but I'll go find him anyway. So we went and waited for her to bring back her son. She didn't bring her son. Well, remember the boy in the choir? Well, that's who she brought. Name: Steven Young. Just got home from a mission in Canada. Question answered. Connie couldn't help but laugh in the background because I just happened to meet a guy that I thought was cute! Crazy hu?! Well then I was being a weirdo and I was asking like 20 questions, and I had to go because my grandparents and connie and I carpooled. So I was just like well, I gotta go. So we left. In my mind I was like this is going nowhere! Never going to see him again. WRONG

I went home, and of course what do I do? Go to find him on Facebook. But how many Steven Young's do you think there are? Well I didnt have my MAC so I just looked him up on my phone, and well he was the first one that popped up, and I was like I'll just wait until I get home to ask him, but then no joke like two minutes later I got a request sent to my Blackberry asking me to be his friend on Facebook (I swear one day facebook will be so outdated and people will think we are all obsessed back in the day). So anyway, I accepted obviously. I was introduced as Gabriela, not Gabbi so I was impressed that he remembered what my name was, because most people don't remember.  So then I managed to give him my phone number.

Monday Morning March 21: at 9:34am (I only know that because I just looked in my phone) I don't usually remember numbers like that in case you were wondering, and he asked me when he could take me out.  At the time I truly had no idea, because my life is crazy mayhem, so I told him that I had to go into work, and get my schedule, and then I would let him know. So I went into work, and I had two options to do anything. Either Wednesday he go to institute with me and we do something afterwards, or Thursday after my night class. In my head I was like I'm doomed. But nope, I wasn't. He came to institute on Wednesday with me, and then we went out to ice cream at Coldstone.  

On Tuesday I went out to Dinner with Connie and the girls that she works with, and I found out that I'm actually going to be living with Steve's cousin. Talk about random!! Melissa got a text asking how she knew me, and didn't know the number so I put it in my phone, and it was Steve! And then we all kind freaked out for half a second. So we would have met eventually

Wednesday, March 23: I put in my two weeks at Pasta Factory!! I was so excited and relieved! Okay so Steve came over Wednesday and we walked over to institute, and went to class which is always like jaw dropping, and I walk away and my mind is going a million miles a minute.  We walked back, and I didn't know if he actually wanted to do anything, because it was late, and he lives about 45 minutes away right now, and I had a meeting early the next morning. But right away he suggested going to get Ice Cream, and if you know anything about me, I love Ice Cream thanks to my Papa serving me too much as a child it's continues on to now. So we just talked and talked, actually I probably just talked and talked. 

To be honest going into this I was like Heck, I could care less about dating anymore, I'm done, boys are stupid, and I'm never getting married. That was my mentality going into this one.  So I was just myself to the max. Well I guess Steve liked that. It's a good thing too. 

Friday was my last day at work!! I was so excited! So I actually didn't even end up working for the rest of the two weeks that I was suppose to. But I didn't mine. I wanted to get out of that place as fast as the gingerbread man! Steve and I went to see Limitless after I got off work, but before Connie and I went to dinner at 25 & Main. I love going out with her. The movie was okay, I wouldn't suggest it to be honest, but hey Bradley Cooper was in it, so I had to go and see it.

Saturday we went to the Temple, and we tried to go on a picnic, but it was really windy, cold, and rainy, and so we just had our picnic at his Grandma's town-home. Then afterwards we literally sat in my living room for like 3 hours, and just talked. I told him that I wasn't ready to move forward, that I'm scared of relationships, and I wont go into super detail about that, but most of you kinda know my feelings about relationships. But he was so sweet and understanding, and just said that he was willing to wait around for me.

Then Sunday he came to the fireside, and it was a weird one not going to lie. But for the first time, I didn't mind people seeing me with someone. Especially at a fireside, because that's like making a statement. You guys know what I mean. Well this time I actually didn't care that people saw me with Steve. So that was saying something to myself.

In the meantime, I'm going crazy with school, Connie and I found girls to live with! Melissa, and Brittney! I'm so excited. We are going to live in a house and we gotta get to working on that, because we need to be moved out in the next month. Also I thought that I had caught up on my homework and ahead on stuff when I went to Phoenix, but nooooo, my teachers are pounding me with tons of homework and big projects! I want to die! 

The whole Greg Mortenson thing was going on at all this time too, trying to get it all together, and keeping me from going crazy in the meantime.

This is hard trying to remember everything that's been happening. 
I'll just say this though, Steve is so good to me, he puts me on this pedestal like I'm the best thing in the world. I feel like I don't deserve it at all. He just treats me how a girl actually should be, and seeing how us girls aren't usually used to that we don't know what to do when it's actually happening. It's too good to be true.

Now that you have thrown up in your mouth a little bit, now for the humorous part. 
Tuesday March 29. Steve and I went to his house, I met his mom and dad, and his brothers and sisters. Oh and an Aunt and Uncle. We went up into Zion and hiked Weeping Rock and I saw a shooting star right? A normal person would be like what did you wish for right?  Nope that didn't happen.  Then we went back to my grandparents house, and I saw another shooting star, and he asked what I wished for and I told him, that didn't happen (I'm not giving all the details because it's barf material lol I don't want you to suffer) And then I told him that I trusted him. Which was like the main thing with being in a relationship right? For me at least. So I thought that might have connected something in his brain that I was ready to do this. NOPE!! WRONG!!! Then I just came out and said it. 
I swear it took forever for me to get it through his head! Until I said those two words! How simple was that right?! NOT! You just gotta lay it out for him. It was pretty funny though. So yes everyone. I have a boyfriend.

Okay so now for the Greg Mortenson event that I helped out with. It was so awesome! I totally recommend that everyone read his books, and get to know what is cause is, and you will truly want to go out and change the world, and make a difference. I got to meet him and talk one on one with him which was so amazing. I got to introduce 4 schools to him that raised money for his organization called Pennies for Peace and it was so cool to see all these cute little kids raise the money for a good cause. I got all my books signed by Greg, and he told me that I'd be a great teacher over seas. Which is what I would totally love to do. I'm in the paper today too! I was quoted in The Spectrum! There's even a picture in the paper of me with the kids and Greg, but you can't really see me, but I'm there!

Here's the link for the article
The paper version is better
Anyway. Here's a quote that I love

"Educate a boy, and your educate and

 individual. Educate a girl, and you educate a 


African proverb 

With all that being said. I was wondering after all this GM was done, what would I do to serve now? Because ever since high school I've always be involved and I can't not be involved, or I'll go crazy, so I've been praying to have more experiences to serve. Then last night after waiting for Greg and wrapping up the evening,  Katy (president of the DOVE center- which is a center for women who have experienced domestic violence) Asked me if I wouldn't mind joining her team, and speaking to high school girls about eating disorders! I was like heck yes! I'd love to! So now I know the next thing on my list! I'm so excited about that! 

Nana's Birthday is today, and it's April Fools. She got a new doo (a wig) It's different that for sure, but we went to Paula's a mexican restaurant. Fabulous time! I love spending time with my Nana and Papa. Papa took her up in a Hot air balloon ride! How cute is that!?!

Now with all that said:
I want to change the world
World Peace: next person to try
Go to Salt Lake w/ Steve and then meet up with Connie and her brother! I can't wait
General Conference this weekend! I'm so excited
Keep trying to memorize The Living Christ
4 more week til finals!

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