Friday, April 29, 2011

Wrapping it up

I told you I was getting better at this blogging thing!

So I'm happy to say that Student Government is done! I cleaned out my office on Wednesday! And I am not going to lie..I'm so glad it's over. That's the one thing this year that has carried weight on my brain, and shoulders, and fingers. Literally. But it's been fun nonetheless. I've learned a ton about patience. And what to do when people don't stick to their word. I've learned more about keeping an open mind about so many things. I've learned that politically I don't swing to one side or the other. Sorry you political people. I just feel that you gotta pick what's right as a whole, and that doesn't necessarily mean that one side of the political divide is right or wrong, it just means it's different. I'm reminded that people need to be unified to have things work. If it's not things just fall apart. I've learned that sometimes you have to be more flexible with people, and your time. Which for me is hard because I'm a planner, and super organized so I can get frustrated easily when things are dropped out of the blue, or things come up randomly. But some how things just work out. Funny how things work that way isn't it.

Class are done!!!! Yet there are still Finals. I have mixed emotion about it finally being here. It's bittersweet like I've been saying all along. But I had my first final yesterday it was just presenting my e-portfolio, and a "mock" classroom website. It was kind of entertaining I'm not going to lie. It's kind of like scrapbooking. But we presented them in class last night. Then this morning I took another final, which was a breeze. Now I have three left. Psychology, Child's lit, and Math for education. I'm stressing about my math, but that's what always happens to me! Then I've got a study session with the lovely Megan Jolley! She's the smart one, so I'm glad we can study for one of my finals together. And then for math we have a few of us studying together.  So I think I will be just fine. I'm crossing my fingers though.  A tender mercy I have yet to be blessed with, that is people who know what they are talking about and that can help me!

The most exciting part of all of this is that Connie and I moved out!! Woo! After a grueling, frustrating, and stressing process, we found a place to live out in Washington! It's so cute. I will have pictures up soon I promise! It's split level, so the bedrooms are all upstairs, and then the living room and kitchen are downstairs. I'm so relieved to have found a place. It's another tender mercy I have been blessed with.

Another thing to cross off the list was institute graduation. My grandparents were able to come out, and so was Steven and Kaj, and the girls. So that was great. I appreciated it. I had the opportunity to speak, and while being last, I felt that everything that already been said, but I told a story about when I was in Costa Rica and a night dive that I went on, and related it all to hope, and being anchored in Christ. I actually like speaking in front of people so I enjoyed it. But I'm happy to say that it's over.

I had my interview for female student of the year. And I feel pretty good about it, but if I don't get it, I am just honored to be one of the 5 finalists!

Oh and I don't know if this was mentioned in the last post or not, but I had 3 interviews and I have another one this coming Wednesday. All for different things. Hopefully I get one of them, but we will see!

Oh yeah! Last weekend was Easter! It was perfect! I went up to Springdale on Saturday and spent time with Steven, and some of his family. We went to Blondie's this cute little diner for lunch, and went up on a hike in Zion which was great! We went up by Court of Patriarch's but it's an unbeaten path that we went up, literally uphill, but it was fun. Lots of big beetle looking stink bugs. Gross! And then Easter was incredible. Our ward Choir was awesome! They had a whole program for us. And then I went out and spent some time with my grandparents in Toquerville, and Steven came, and we went to the fireside. Which was great too. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that we died eggs! Which was hilarious, something I am not good at, but had fun.

Okay so speaking of..Steven and I. I guess I can have a section about it now without being a wierdy. But it's going good. I'm pretty excited for him to actually live in St. George though, because then we can see each other more often, and I wont feel bad when he drives a bajillion miles to come out to see me. His friend Kaj who was baptized while Steven was out in Canada on his mission is visiting! Which is a ton of fun! And he is going on a mission to Poland next week! Which is way exciting! They both came out this morning and helped me move which I was so grateful for their help. I was pretty ornery though, and such a brat today. Oh we made these blocks together last weekend and finished them this week for my math class, and it was so fun! Oh, and I welded something for the first time! It was a little derby kart that his brother was tinkering with, and needed to have the tire pumped, but in order for that to happen they had to break the metal pieces and then weld it back together. But anyway, it's been going great! I love doing things, something I like is that we never just sit around and do nothing, we are always busy doing something together, but if we do just sit, we can have real conversations, or just sit and not talk and it's fine. Some people don't like that, but I don't mind it at all, but I talk his ear off most of the time anyway haha. What else can I tell you? It's just peachy though. I finally found someone who is constantly doing things for others, and always fixing things. I love that. Oh and, we had a lesson about forgiving others in our institute class, and it was just what I needed, but Steven and I talked a lot about it after, but more specifically dealing with something that I dont like to talk about with a lot of people, and he just listened, yet was helpful, and you know how sometimes when people say things and you're like, "That doesn't help at all," or "can't you just let me vent" type of thing but I don't feel that way..if that makes any sense at all. Anyway like I said, things are great! :)

Oh and I got things all squared away for Washington D.C I think! Woohoo! I can't wait!

In a week, I will be on a plane to Phoenix to head to Hawaii, and I am thrilled. I cant wait to just get on that plane and leave everything behind! :)

So that's the latest and greatest. Not too exciting to be honest.

But some upcoming things this next week: Study like an obsessed college student who wants to get good grades. Finish unpacking and organizing the new place. Study more. And take my finals. Pack for my trip to Hawaii and Florida, and then I have an interview next week as well! I can't wait to get the heck out of here. It's time for a break!!

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