Monday, April 11, 2011

Springdale Weekend and Conference

So this past weekend, was fabulous! I am getting better at this whole updating thing. Knock on wood

April 2-3
General Conference weekend! It was so much fun. I realized a lot about being an only child. I could not handle having brothers! I was with Connie and her brother Steven all weekend long, and it was fun and hilarious, but contentious much of the time, and I was like ahh. No Bueno. Looking back I can laugh now. Let me back up a little bit though. Steven(boyfriend) and I rode up on his Grandpa's motorcycle, which had a sidecar attached to it. Some people that passed us took a picture. I'm sure it looks funny, but it was so fun.  Once we got up to Provo I met up with Connie, and we went and did a little shopping. We are the worst shoppers. We encourage money spending. If she likes something, I tell her to buy it. I think I get that from my mom. And if she tells me to buy something, I probably will. Definitely not healthy. Then again we don't get to do much shopping in St. George, because there is no shopping to be had here. 

Saturday morning we woke up at the crack of dawn to get over to the Conference Center in Salt Lake, and We had to stand in the Standby line, because Steven(brother) didn't have a ticket. Then what are the chances that we run into someone? HIGH! Right as we got to sit on the cold cement, who do we see running around Temple Square? Our Stake President, President Gubler!! We yell out his name, and go talk to him for a little bit, and he asked us if we needed another ticket! And we did! He said that he had one that he could give to us! What a tender mercy that was! So we got a ticket, but in the meantime, we got to talk to some of the Sister Missionaries. They were so cute! I wish that we could have talked to them longer, but it was great. One was from South America, and another one was from Virginia. When we got into the conference center, we were so close. Sitting in the Plaza of the Conference Center. Afterwards we met up with both Steven's and walked a bajillion miles to get back to the car. We went to Gateway mall, and ran into a few people I knew from school and church! Small world! Which was great, we spent too much money, but I got some cute things!

Sunday we got up early. What an adventure this was. Steven(brother) ended up locking his keys in his car. We didn't end up leaving at 7:30 like we planned, but more like 9:00. Funny looking back, but definitely not in the moment. Oh and did I mention it was snowing? Yeah me and snow, driving with another person, not so good with the accident I was in a while back. We picked up Steven(boyfriend), and we got home safe and sound.

A few things I got out of conference:

Elder L Tom Perry:
Be an example of the believers & Keep the Sabbath day Holy

Jean A. Stevens
Look to children as an example. Be quick to love. Contagious optimism can meet adversity with hope. 

Elder Gonzalez
Followers of Christ are loving people and make and keep covenants.
His Tender mercies will make us mighty
Following is a call to action and shows love and obedience

Elder Richards
Pain brings you to a sense of humility to ponder. 

Quinton L. Cook
Remain strong, immovable and true to the faith
A mother in the home maintains balance

Elder Eyring
Join and Serve. Lift up those in need. 
Have I done any good in the world today?
When you're generous to others, He's generous to you. 

Elder Uchtdorf
It comes one piece at a time to see more clearly the paths. He speaks to us where we can hear with our hearts. If we are thinking of only ourselves we may miss the needs of others.  Selfless acts of service refine our spirits. By becoming the answer to someone elses prayer we may find the answer to our own. If we live according to our beliefs, people will notice.

Bishop Burton
Enduring patiently builds our character
the only way to see the view is to make the climb. Sometimes we are tried only to pull through with blessings.

Sylvia H Alred
Love one Another
Rejoice in the opportunity to serve others

David A Bednar
Act and not be acted upon. Have confidence that the Lord will guide your steps

President Monson
I love to see the Temple

Richard G Scott
Expressions of love

Carl B Pratt
Provident living=self reliance

Benjamin De Hojas
Dedicate to Eternal Families
Eternal Tranquility

This past week was crazy! So many meetings, and projects for school, presentations, and work, and try to have a social life. It's getting to me. I can't wait for this semester to be done! 3 more weeks until finals!
Steven came out on Wednesday and he heart attacked my door. We went to dinner and then institute, and had an awesome lesson, on being one, and on love. It was ironic that's for sure. Something that stuck with me, and still does is this thought on love: To love is to be Vulnerable. That being said, after institute we went to Krave, because I had a free bowl! We ran into Annie March and Allison Carrol from Bishop Brackens ward, and it was fun to talk with them, and catch up real quick. Thursday was way crazy, I had two presentations a 7am mtg, and the usually crazyness, but guess who came to visit me on a whim? Yeah Steven. He's so thoughtful. Just what I needed despite all the stuff I had to get done. Then Friday I got all my homework done so that I could just have fun over the weekend. I just had tons of errands to run, and relaxed. Saturday the girls and I went to look at a condo, it was cute, and awesome we all like it, but the whole checked of the credit score thing doesn't run over too well with us, which is understandable. Steven came over, oh and he brought goldfish. Some more brownies points! We went to Olive Garden with his family for his mom's birthday Saturday night, and then Steven and I went and walked around the temple afterwards. It was freezing cold on my little toes though! We finally got back to my grandparents house, just to wake up a few hours later to go to church in Springdale.

His ward does things backwards, RS first, then Sunday school, and then Sacrament meeting. I like it better that way though. Our Lesson in RS was on Charity, which I love I think I am now obsessed with Charity. It encompasses so many different attributes, and yet is so simple if we just acquire a desire to be charitable. I just love it. Sunday school, I was distracted, I don't exactly remember what the lesson was on to be honest. But what was so cool about Steven's ward, was all the visitors that were there. Because it's in Zion, there are tons of tourists that come and visit for the weekend..etc. And it was awesome to see  the congregation filled with people from all over. I loved it! Testimony meeting was awesome too. We had dinner afterwards, and 

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