Monday, December 20, 2010

Catch me if you can

Holy cow! Life has been so crazy since Thanksgiving. I don't even know where the time has gone.
A few things first.

The sun hasn't come out in 11 days. I'm sick of it. 2 or 3 days is fine, but now I'm beginning to think the sun is hibernating for the rest of the winter, and I'm not okay with that. I need the sun. 

I am done with this semester!
I have to admit, I don't think I have ever worked this hard in school. But it seems like it's all paid off because I have a 3.5 GPA. good enough for me at this point. I am finishing up a few more requirements for the education program, and I will be applying in January for Fall 2011. If I get in I will be so happy, and will have to decide weather or not to go with it, or defer it to go on a mission for my church for a year and a half. If I don't get in..well then I know my path has been paved for me.

Something else. My Nana was in the hospital for a week, for stomach pain, and the doctors ended up doing everything wrong you could possibly imagine. And then my Aunt came up to help, and today we find out the results of a lot of tests that they took for her to see if she needs surgery, or just more medicine to take pain away. It's all a mystery as to what happened. But as a family we all just feel like something isn't right about all this.   But through it all, I've become more grateful for my health, and more aware that my healthy lifestyle now, totally affects how I will be when I'm older, if I ever get to that point! 

My Aunt and I have decided to go to Hawaii this summer instead of Belize, because it's cheaper, and about the same kind of experience without speaking spanish, which I'm kind of bummed about, but there will be other trips that I can speak spanish for. But I'm excited! We'll head there right after Spring Semester

Connie and I are going to be EFY counselors this summer! Up in Provo, at BYU. It's going to be so fun! It took forever to get everything squared away, and we thought that we weren't ever going to get through and get accepted but we are at the interview part, just waiting to pick our date! It's exciting!

I have all of my classes squared away for next semester I'm taking 5 education classes, a required stupid computer class, Piano, Water Aerobics. It's going to be another crazy semester, but I will be so thrilled to have my associated in the Spring, it will be worth it to me. You could say I'm an over achiever.

Something I have learned this past month is when people bug you, get on your nerves, or say mean things about you, all you can do is love them, and forgive, because if you don't you are being just as low as they are. Turning the other cheek is something I have been blessed with. Some call it being a pushover, but I call it love. With love, you can overcome so many obstacles, and relationships. 

It takes more effort to love, that's why it means that much more. - Me

It's almost Christmas! I can't wait! I read something the other day, and it was something like this:
A little boy was at the mall shopping with his mom, and he saw a line for Santa Claus, and instead of begging his mom to go get in line to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas, he simply asked, "Where's the line for Jesus." 
May we all remember the true meaning of Christmas, and be happy this time of year no matter our circumstances. And know that there is always someone watching over you. You are loved, and can make the season brighter with your love for Christ.

Watch this. It's about Christmas :)

Merry Christmas!

Oh and one more thing. Our apartment is cursed. The spell goes something like this:
May this apartment never be liked by guys, and have bad luck forever!
We don't know what's wrong with us. If you know something we don't please let us know!
Connie and I are on a 30 day Manfast.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Once upon a time there was a family of three. And until now, peace abides in the home, and we love each other. They all lived happily ever after. The end.

Just a fact: Thanks to the Pilgrims, I am here. Literally. My Great Great Great Great Great unlcle came over on the Mayflower. He was a part of the first Thanksgiving. 

So I've been home for 4 days and I have 3 left. I'm at the hump of the Vacation so to speak. And here's what I've come to realize.

I miss the sound of the water hitting the sand. I miss the smell of the causeway once you get onto Curlew Road. I miss the way my hair feels here, and my skin. I don't have to do so much here as I do in Utah. I miss my friends I hate leaving them. I miss Chik-fil-a. Got a chicken sandwhich! Couldn't have been happier at that moment. I miss the smell of my bed. My Bed in general. I missed the sounds the birds make on the beach. Oh the sand..Yeah it's white, and soft. Nothing like it anywhere else. I miss the old people. They are so cute until they open their mouths. I miss seeing Vera Bradly Every where! No one knows that it is in Utah. The crazy drivers. Yeah I'd rather have crazy drivers than all the slow ones in St George. I miss my missionary opportunities. I don't get the same kinds of experiences as I do here. I miss Moes southwestern grill! Mm so tasty. And Firehouse subs cherry limeade. Nothing like that either. OH and how the candy doesn't get super hard, and rock stays soft here. 80 degrees in November. Beach on Black Friday. I think yes! I miss the nice cars you see everywhere. Oh the diversity! I've never been so excited to see a line at the store with all different kinds of people, not just white. The sound that my screen door makes on the porch I used to hate it's comforting. Or how it's a pain to park in the driveway because it's on a hill. Love that now too. All the New York, New Jersey, and Boston accents!! The palm trees, the bridges. I didn't realized I missed so much till I got here.

Since I've been home this is what's happened..Saturday night my mom and I went to Moes after she picked me up from the airport. What a joy it was traveling..NOT! I have the worst Karma with flying. I got through security just fine. My first flight was delayed about 30 biggy, but then my next flight..2 and a half hours..and then I had the joy of sitting next to a Vietnam Veteran who had a PHd in LIFE. Such a funny man. Well at least he thought he was. Sometimes he would actually stop talking and my eyes would shut by themselves and then would be woken up by the sound of him starting to tell me another story. Once I finally landed in Tampa, I couldn't stop smiling. Especially when I saw the signs that said welcome home =] 

I walk into my house..and we have new furniture, and new hardwood floors..they kept it a secret from me, but it looks awesome! I will take pictures and put them up later. But I was so excited! 

Sunday my mom and I got up and when to Michael Begg's homecoming at church. He just got home from serving a 2 year mission for the church. And just got home 2 weeks ago today. He's changed for the better, and grown up a bit. Then my mom and I spent the day together.

As of right now I can't really keep the days straight, but I do know that I have been helping my mom paint the office, it's been a tedious job, painting the borders along the wall and what not, but it looks good! I hung out with Michael Begg on Monday afternoon/night. We went to the park and played frisbee which I epically failed at, and then we played catch with the football..sad thing is that the sun starts to go down early here so we didn't stay for long. But we went back to my house and made some brownies. Michael did the honors of cracking the two eggs, and helping to pour the mix in the pan. They turned out alright. I'm not a big brownie fan, I'd rather eat the batter than the brownie itself. Then we went to subway, got it to go. And guess where we ate the Publix parking lot. Yes that's right. It was awesome. For those of you from the other side of the country..Publix can not be compared to any other grocery store, but it's the best grocery store on the planet. At this point he started to act normal again. Being on a mission for two years is kind do you say it..sheltered from a lot of things, and so after a few hours Michael finally got out of the shell or bubble, I dont know what you want to call it and started talking again. After that we went to the causeway and just talked. It's so good to be home.  Then tuesday my mom and I went out and about, and to lunch, I went to Beall's which is a store like Macy's, but the Florida version of everything. It's not the same Beall's that is out west. Not even affiliated with one another just in case you were wondering. Anyway. Then I drove out to Michael's we went to Manteca's I think that's how you spell it. It's a mexican restaurant, that used to be called Mariposas, but was sued by another guy who had the same name restaurant or something I don't really know, but it was delicious! And we went and got some stuff for his dad afterwards, and  to his house. Sound's kind of boring but it wasn't. I think the two of us can have fun doing almost anything together.

I went out to dinner with my favorite girls, and Jeremy. We went to flame stone. I hardly ate any of my food. That's when I think to myself how nice it would be to have someone around to eat my left overs haha. I'm talking about a dog of course.. ;) But it was nice to catch up with everyone. Most of us will be graduating at the same time! This is our plan in our imaginary world. Kerry and I teach, Anna is our school nurse, Melissa will be the art teacher, Kristin can be the health person, and then Tiffany will buy our house we will all live in together. The end. It's not going to happen, but we all plan to come back to Pinellas County that's fo sho!

I'm going to have to be reminded as to why I love St George all over again. It's going to be cold when I get back there, not too happy about that one.

Okay so with it being Thanksgiving and all, I should say a little about it.
My Top 10
1. The Gospel
It's so simple, but shapes who I am.
2. Family
Small as it may be, it's perfect, and I wouldnt have it any other way.
3. Friends
I have been blessed with a tight knit group of friends about 10 from high school that I love dearly, and some I have made through college that have helped me both in so many ways.
4. Scriptures
The only thing that I can rely on for truth sometimes, and yet brings me such peace and comfort. Coming to know Christ, and striving to be like him every day through the life that he lived. And through the scriptures I can learn to live for him.
5. Education
Many of you know that I have strong feelings on getting an education, hence why I am an education Major, but to take this quite literally, as we die, we can't take anything worldly with us, except our education. What we learn and come to know is what we as people become.
6. Nature
What more can I say about this, except that every little thing that has been created by the Lord is precious and beautiful. The earth is a magnificent creation if we step back and take it in. It's so simple, but we often forget the simple things in life. Surrounding us is a beautiful scenery that people pay to vacation here and we live here.
7. Faith and Prayer
The only thing that keeps us close to our Heavenly Father, and his Son Jesus Christ. It's how I have come to know my Savior, and how I continue to believe.
8. Children
Children brighten my days. If we could all have a perspective as a child we would all have more happiness in our lives. When do we stop seeing that perspective?
9. Laughter
Laughing. The one wrinkles I wont mind having when I'm old. Just laugh and chemicals are released that relieve stress.
10. Love
Need I say more?

Simple. I know, but truly they are the things I am most grateful for in my life right now.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The end is drawing nigh!

The Semester is coming to a close! I can not wait!!

Here's what's going down for the next month.
Thanksgiving Break! 
Homeward bound

Study for finals.
Finals week.


Applied for Graduation this week! I will have my AA in May!
I will apply for the Elem Ed Program in the spring for Fall, cross my fingers that I get accepted.

School is winding down! Two more weeks after Thanksgiving! Loving the idea of not having school for three straight weeks! 

I am going home tomorrow!! I can't wait you have no idea!

Saw Harry Potter! It was awesome! I just wish that we could all have a Dobby in our life. To boost our confidence and have a constant friend. Everyone in the world would be so happy all the time! 

Short and sweet and to the point.
The end!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Eternal Growth

Things have been so crazy. I've hardly had time for myself. If I'm home I'm studying, eating, or sleeping. But Something that I've found that helps me cope..driving. I've always known this, but sometimes people ask me how I stay seine. And it's just that. Going for a drive! It's that simple.

In one of my institute classes we are studying Doctrine and Covenants. I love D&C. It puts things so plain, and doesn't beat around the bush. It's the only revealed book of scripture that was written down in english. But one of the things we were talking about is nature, and that our Heavenly Father loves nature. We related it to the sabbath day and how it is a day of rest. Reflecting on how the Lord felt on that one day of rest, I'm sure he looked around and took in the beauty of his creation. As should we. The time that we live in now is a time of fast pace, and technology. We are the generation least connected with the environment, putting aside recycling, and go green things. The greeks, mayans, aztecs, and romans were more connected with nature. They learned through nature, and even made their building based upon the stars. They knew more about the sun moon stars and seasons than we do with the science and advances we have now. It's fascinating to me.  With that said, I think it's alright to say that we can all spend a little more time reflecting on the simple things around us. With this time of year, the leaves change, the clouds get lower, it gets darker earlier and brighter earlier. The stars are brighter at night. The sunsets more colorful. Funny how that all works out. 

I was thinking about the word grow. As a gospel setting growth can mean many things. But as far as Heavenly Father goes, he wants to see us grow in eternal things. The things that really matter. Like family, how we spend our time with them. Serving others, with a glad heart, and willingly, and seeking the Lord for his help and guidance. Being happy, finding things that make us happy that we can share with others. Growing in things that make us better. It's all connected. It's just that much easier to get back up when we fall when we are growing in eternal things. When you know where you want to go, and act accordingly, you'll get there. 
School is going great. My education classes make me just want to get out of college already and teach. One thing is for sure that I really want to teach little kids. They are just so dang cute! I'm hoping to finish out this semester with a 3.5 GPA. Lets see if I can keep up my grades for the next 4 weeks. I can't wait for this semester to be over with. I've work harder this semester than I think I ever have since I've been in college. It's paid off thats for sure. Student government finally slowed down. Now it's just little things here and there that we have to do. We got 2 showings of Harry Potter bought out from them theaters for the midnight showing! And in 3 hours we were sold out! And yes I got my ticket to it! 

Basketball started! =] You know what that means!? I LOVE BASKETBALL SEASON! =]

Work work work work. It seems to take up all of my life. I work about 40 hours a week. You could say I'm just a little bit tired at the end of the week. But Sunday rolls around and I"m refreshed and ready for a new week! I love it. Tutoring saves me yet again. The kids brighten my week. Unfortunately with the holidays coming around they don't need much of me to help out, so I wont get to tutor for a few weeks.
The weather here has been gorgeous. Not much longer and it will start to get colder than my likening. But I suppose that comes with the times. I don't like layering on clothes just to stay warm to get inside of a blazing hot building! It's rather annoying if you ask me. I like it when its warm and sunny. Beach weather preferably, go figure.
I'll be home in a week! I'm so excited to be home! The closer it gets, it seems that I get more home sick!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Your Dash

I went to a funeral this afternoon, which was a bunch of mixed emotions. If you know me, you have probably heard me say that I'm excited to die, not that I am suicidal, but that I'm excited for the next part of life, after this one.   A roommate of mine shared a book with me that she has, and it had this poem in it. It's not the first time I've heard it. It was read at a funeral for a friend of mine that passed away in high school. I'm glad that I was able to reacquaint myself with it. It makes you reevaluate your life, and what your doing. Is it worth the while? Can you really put off today for tomorrow? Are you going to live for yourself, or for others?

The Dash 
by Linda Ellis
I read of a man who stood to speak
At the funeral of a friend
He referred to the dates on her tombstone
From the beginning to the end

He noted that first came the date of her birth
And spoke the following date with tears,
But he said what mattered most of all
Was the dash between those years

For that dash represents all the time
That she spent alive on earth.
And now only those who loved her
Know what that little line is worth.

For it matters not how much we own;
The cars, the house, the cash,
What matters is how we live and love
And how we spend our dash.

So think about this long and hard.
Are there things you’d like to change?
For you never know how much time is left,
That can still be rearranged.

If we could just slow down enough
To consider what’s true and real
And always try to understand
The way other people feel.

And be less quick to anger,
And show appreciation more
And love the people in our lives
Like we’ve never loved before.

If we treat each other with respect,
And more often wear a smile
Remembering that this special dash
Might only last a little while.

So, when your eulogy is being read
With your life’s actions to rehash
Would you be proud of the things they say
About how you spent your dash?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Every day we are Survivors.

Endure. And Endure well as President Eyring has stated many times. 
To hold out against; sustain without impairment or yielding; undergo: to bear without resistance or with patience; tolerate

to support adverse force or influence of any kind; suffer without yielding; suffer patiently:

As I have been reading in my 10 minutes here and 30 minutes there of free time that I get, I have been reading Thomas S Monson's new biography, and fell in love with a reoccurring theme.
"Heavenly Father works through us to accomplish an objective in the life of another to help make someone whole." 
So for whatever reason you feel the need to bake cookies for someone, or go stop by and visit, or share an experience with a friend, for all you know it will help answer there own prayers, and there own questions, and thoughts they have had themselves. I know that this has happened to me many of times in the past when I was thinking about going on a mission for church. And it seemed to be the stories of others, and the principles that I needed to be reminded of helped me to find the path that I needed to go down.

I have found myself turning to the scriptures a lot more than usual these days, and finding answers to my prayers, and words of wisdom through the words of the prophets of old. Such as patience, cleanliness, purity, knowledge, language, faith in all things, hope, charity, and trials. It's a great comfort to  know that I can rely on the truthfulness of scripture power to direct me in the things that I need to do. 

Something I have been studying more in the scriptures is the Spirit of Elijah. Heavenly Father send him to clarify confusion, and doubt for our generation, and to restore truths to the earth. With his blessing, wife and husband are bound closer, and children are turned to their father and mothers. What also goes along with the spirit of Elijah is that there is strength in truth, and testimony. Confusion and doubt are not among you as you are righteous, and allow the spirit of Elijah to be present in your life. It's something that will apply more to me in my future years, but at the same time is something that I look forward to greatly.

As far as the rest of life goes. It's great. School is awesome. I love learning and I love school, so I find myself bored sometimes in my classes because it's stuff I already know, and so I go into deeper information with the internet and going to the library. I guess I am the epitome of a nerd when it comes down to it. My grades are up, and I'm ready for the semester to be over. If school is harder next semester I dont think I will be able to have two jobs, tutor at the elem school, student gov, and church responsibilities. But I find myself saying that in my head now, and I'm doing better than normal. Tutoring at the elementary school is great. I seriously love those kids, I'll get a picture up next week or soon hopefully. There are a couple of kids that I love and cant wait to see when I go in on Monday and Thursday. 

It's really incredible, that when I put the Lord first in everything that I do how I'm not stressed with life. I may be tired, but I still get everything done and more. Maybe that's just part of who I am, but I know I couldnt do it all without the Lord right beside me.

Still seem to be suffering from homesickness as well. Few things I miss..the people. crazy old drivers, and the fast ones too, the beach obviously, my mom, my friends that I miss like crazy, the weather, the lifestyle.I could go on. But I know I'm suppose to be here right now.


My last name
it comes with many definitions.
comes from england, there are about 20 Straws in the United States
: a natural or artificial heavy fiber used for weaving, plaiting, or braiding
: something of small worth or significance
a tube (as of paper, plastic, or glass) for sucking up a beverage

: a slight fact that is an indication of a coming event 
But here is what my grandpa lives up to.
Strong as an ox, faithful, stubborn, strong willed, serious, story teller, educated, goal oriented, charitable, giving, hard working, knows everything about the gospel, humbled and kind. 
I hope one day I can live up to that of my grandpa. He truly is someone that I want to be like in every way.

Everyday is a second chance to be better.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Keeping it real cool

So since the last time I wrote, quite a bit has happened. First of all I've had some awesome experiences this past week. It's been really crazy with school, tutoring at the elementary school, student government and work.

Luke 12:1  In the mean time, when there were gathered together an innumerable multitude of people, insomuch that they trode one upon another, he began to say unto his disciples first of all, Beware ye of the Leaven of the Pharisees, Which is hypocrisy.

We talked about the word leaven in my institute class. And what it means, and when relating it to ourselves we decided that a leaven is what we allow to grow within ourselves. Good of bad. And so I thought about some of the things that I need to "fertilize" out of my life, and get out. And grow within myself more good things. 

I observed at an elementary school this week, and it helped me find where I think I will work best in teaching. I'm pretty sure that I will want to teach 1st or 4th grade. I know that a majority of the time you don't get to pick what you want to teach at a school, but I can have a focus, and goal for myself. When all is said and done though, I love kids and I love to teach. No matter what grade I teach I can make some kind of a difference. 

Something else that happened this week was a Stake Relief Society Activity. I was asked to share my thoughts on visiting teaching, and share my testimony. Along with 4 other girls. We all made different points, good ones at that. And when Sister Boyce the RS President got up she was in tears, and expressed that what the four of us has said was what she had prepared on four pages to talk on that night.  It was incredible to see that we all got asked to speak on one subject, hit different areas, but listened to the spirit on what to tell the girls. It was just another testament that the Lord does truly work through us to send a message to others that is important to hear more than once or twice. 

I got my midterm grades for 18 credits I am proud and relieved to say that I have 4 A's and 2 B's!! =] I am excited to get done with everything in the spring. I will apply for the education program then, and cross my fingers that I get in! 

Last night I felt like Cameran Diaz in The Holiday
Start it at 5:15

Reason being..I haven't cried since May. I even try to cry and tears don't come It's kind of annoying because for once I actually want to cry, things get overwhelming sometimes, and its okay to cry twice a year, at least a good cry. I keep saying one more thing happen and I will cry, but one more thing does happen, and do I cry? NOPE!! I don't get it. It's like I don't have tear glads!

But. I lost two people this week that were close to me. One was a neighbor of my grandparents that I would go play with when I was younger, and play with there cat, and in their backyard with some of my friends, and another was Brian's aunt, who was a hoot to be around. Both died for health reasons, lived successful lives, and I know that they are much happier now. 

For the first time since Spring Break of my senior I am getting sick. You should have seen me when I went to the store to get medicine! It was funny. I got everything in the books. I can't get sick. I have too much to do and get done all the time. But maybe it's time I slow down a little bit. Sometimes people will ask me how I do everything..and to be honest I have no idea. I just do. I really cant just sit and do nothing. If I am sitting I'm probably reading, or writing emails to people. That's a way I relax. My mom does that too. 

On that note. I am home sick for the first time in a very long time. My best friends from back home who are at FSU sent me a birthday card that I got yesterday that just made me miss everything about home and friends and stuff. I love it out here, but I miss my friends and my mom a lot. I miss the beach, the sand, the sun, the rainy days, the crazy drivers, because here they drive so freakin slow! I miss the mall. Because the mall here has like 10 stores no joke. I miss the old people that make me frustrated too! And the lifestyle of the people back home. Laid back. Sometimes I wish people here would just take a chill pill on life, and relax a little on the things that they take so seriously. 

Perspective. It's all about perspective. 

All in all things are going great. School is awesome I just have to keep it up for 6 more weeks! Hopefully end the semester with 5 A's and 1 B. And work is awesome, I got a little promotion at the box office, they are letting me work by myself now! And then my second job at the Pasta factory restaurant is going great too! I love the people that I work with they are funny and pretty chill. It's fun to go in, and the time goes by really fast. And I get tips too, so that's kind of what I spend in the week and can save everything else that I earn now to go to Belize and Guatemala next summer! Tutoring at the elementary school is great too. Those kids make my week that much better, and cheer me up. And student government is really slow now that the major stuff is over with. The church is true. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Be not weary in well doing

First of all. We watched this in one of my education classes, and it amazes me what Jessica can do. I hope you can be inspired by this, and remember not to judge others as you pass people who are different from you.

So there are a few things I have to write about. This past week was awesome. It was homecoming week, and for student government, it seemed like the madness never ended. Unfortunately, I couldn't do the one thing that keeps me sane. Tutor at the elementary school. I love those kids so much, and today I finally get to see the little munchkins again! So on to bigger and better things.

Homecoming week was great! I was pooped by Sunday though. Between work school I was exhausted.

I went and met with the National Advisory Council on Thursday morning. And the NAC is kind of a big deal, they help give our school money, and support things that we want to have happen in the future at our school. And I was encouraged to go and talk with them, and I was a bit cynical and just didn't want to go down, but I did because I was forced into it, and I'm so glad that I did. I ended up talking with a man named David Jepson, and his wife. Who, come to find out live a few houses down from my grandparents! It's a small world when you're Mormon. I love it. But we got to talking about education and life and such more than we did about Dixie, but I learned so much in the hour that I talked with him. His wife has 2 masters degrees, one in Nursing, and another in Education, and she hasnt worked a day in her life. I love hearing that. I'd rather here that someone has two degrees and never worked then no degree and struggling to get by. Some may say that it's a waste of money and time. I have to completely disagree the most valuable thing in this life is your education it's what gets your through, and help you to understand the bigger things in life. David Jepson said that his wife was a better mother because of the schooling that she had, and that there children value education that much more now. It was inspiring to me to be honest. But I'm the type of person who absolutely loves school, and that's one reason why I want to be a teacher. David Jepson said that, I am my grandpa in a young body. That meant a lot to me, just because My grandpa is someone who I look up to with a lot of respect, and has everything that I want in my future spouse..whenever he comes along.

Side note--With that said about education, I've thought a lot about getting my phD. Just a thought though.

Something else that happened this week was my Papa got an Angiogram, and if you don't know what this is, it basically is a report on what your heart is up to. And my Papa was concerned about a lot of things, which made me a little worried. But come to find out, he got a blessing, and the results of the angiogram came back with all good things. It was seriously a miracle. He just needs to tone it down a notch on how much he does. He just doesnt ask for help..It's family thing. None of us ever ask for help. Stubborn nature is all. Pride. We need to work on that.



My Aunt and I are trying to figure out where to go next summer for our trip. And it's pretty much come down to Belize, Guatamala, or Peru. We want to dive, but I want to speak spanish too. I'm going to try and make a decision by the end of the week, and talk to my mom and see if she wants to come, because that would be awesome. Another girls trip. And maybe this time, the natives wont mistake my spanish for english.

I managed to get myself a second job! I'll be working as a hostess now at Pasta factory. My friend Bryn's dad owns a few of them, and needed someone fast. I wont say no to a stable job in this economy. So now I have one more thing to add to my plate, but I'm not complaining, it keeps my grades up, and keeps me out of trouble, and then men far away, which seems to be the case wether I am busy or not.


The dance on Saturday night was fun. Here's a quick little summary. Curled hair looked awesome. Made new memories in an old dress. Dead battery. Forgot camera. Outback dinner. True Rebel. Sweat. Ran through the fountain. Freezing cold water. Sweat pants. Ironman 2. Falling asleep. That sums it up in a nut shell basically.

Something that was said at church yesterday has stuck with me for a while. It's
 2 Thessalonians 3:13. 
Be not weary in Well doing.
I feel like I can never do enough to help people. Even though I know I am doing enough at the same time. My grandpa lives up to this in every aspect, and is something that I want to being to live by to. You can't decline an opportunity to serve others. If it's for a good cause and helps others, why would you decline it? It's selfish really to be honest. Serving is something that blesses your life, sometimes directly, most other times indirectly. I know that to be true in my life.

Each week I find myself saying, "I'm not going to be as busy this week." Courtney kindly reminded me, and said, "Yeah right, you always say that." But I promise this week wont be as busy. Ha. Only until Wednesday. Then it's fall break and I can just work and wont have school to worry about! Woohoo! 

I'm excited for the next couple of weeks. Fall break. Connies Family comes the 22, then it's halloween, then it's November, and Elder Begg comes home, and then I go home for thanksgiving! =]

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Party Time!

My 20th Birthday!
A New Decade

Today was awesome. More than I could ask for. I wasn't prepared for such an awesome day. It all started last night with the famous Cakebites from Sweet Toothfairy and dancing. Falling asleep with Connie at about 2 in the morning talking about everything. 

Us roommates get along great with our apartment managers. Seriously we love them. While Jay was at Priesthood Session, Nicole made us dinner! It was delicious, and we ended up talking a ton about the church and finally left at 11:30 at night. Seriously we couldn't have asked for better apartment managers.


I basically woke up to a wonderful phone call. It was Elder Michael Begg!  It was quite the surprise to say the least. Perked right up after that! 
As part of tradition Shalisa made STICKY BUNS!! You could say that they rose a ton! But regardless they were delicious!

We watched Conference today and it was incredible. Thomas S Monson even sang a happy birthday song just for me! Just kidding. But It was funny that my birthday just happened to be today. I learned a ton today and yesterday with Conference. Pretty much my own personal summary of it is this. Listen to the promptings of the spirit. Pray for guidance. Use your agency to do good. Listen to the Prophets. Be patient, have faith, and serve. Pretty simple.


My Delicious Birthday Cake! 

My Wonderful Nana recovering from Knee Surgery! We went to visit her with a cake, and opened presents. She was so cute. It's a blessing to have my grandparents here. They help me out with everything. I missed my mom and aunt a lot today though. My family is small and close knit. I wouldnt have it any other way. I'm not going to lie I thought that there could have been a small possibility of my mom popping out somewhere. Unrealistic I know, but you never know! I can't wait to go home and see her. I've been lucky to have a mom like I do. She's the best supporter, comforted, and knows me better than anyone else on the earth. I can't wait to just give her a big hug when I get off the plane in November. I've never been away from my mom for this long before. And I realize how much more I love her when I miss her. Or the days I go without talking on the phone or texting her. She's the only mom for me. And I love her. 

Family & Friends.
I couldn't ask for anything better

We had an awesome time with my grandparents. We all had a blast. My mom got me a card that had a sexy cowboy on it and you should have seen my face. Nana snatched it right out of my arms.  Then we came back to the apartment and had a few more people come over for left over cake. Only my best friends that I have made in the past year. I have been blessed with the most uplifting, talented, and fun friends. I'm so grateful for everything I have in my life at this time.

I have discovered that I am a person of small and simple things. It's always the little things that make my day. Like yesterday I got two letters from missionaries wishing me a happy birthday and it made my day. Or like Brayden my roommates brother made me cookies a day early which was really funny at the same time, but something that just makes me happy is the little things that people do. The thoughtful things mean the most to me. Like a phone call from friends I havent talked to in a while, and homemade cards. Or a plate with cinnamon rolls on it with candles in it. Maybe I'm just silly, but thats all i need in life.  Just the little things.
The best roommate in the world. Love her to death. She's the best ever. 
Then this perfect day ended with the last slice of cake eaten by Kody, who managed to slip away without getting into a picture tonight. And my best friend David Lee Biliter calling me to wish me a  happy birthday. It was perfect

With it being my Birthday I just want to write the 20 things I am Most grateful for 

1. The Gospel of Christ
2. A Testimony 
3. My Mother
4. The perfect family that I have been blessed with
5. My Friends that help me to be better
6. The struggles and trials that help me to grow
7. A desire to learn
8. Eyes to see the sunset and shooting stars
9. Ears to hear the sound of music 
10. A healthy body- two legs that walk and run. Two arms, a beating heart, two eyes, two ears all working
11. My weaknesses, so that I can turn to the Lord to make me stronger
12. The Scriptures so that I am able to come closer to my Savior
13. Happiness & Laughter
14. Prayer
15. Temples to keep my eternal perspective
16. Rainy days to cuddle up and watch old movies
17. My Patriarchal Blessing
18. Nail Polish my toes are always painted.
19. A future
20. Love

Thursday, September 30, 2010

I've got friends that do.

I wanted to take time to say that I have been blessed with a few of the greatest friends ever. This week has been a little crazy with family stuff, my nana is in the hospital recovering from knee surgery- she is doing great though, better than the first knee surgery. And I'm just waiting to here about the news for my papa's health. School is crazy lots of studying, but nothing comes easy in this world. 

I've been missing my mom more lately, and wish I could be home just to give her a big hug sometimes for both of our sakes. Homecoming is coming up and with all the stuff for student government that I have to do gets a little stressful at times, and then work. But something that keeps me sane is going to volunteer at the elementary school. Today I helped a little boy memorize the pledge of allegiance, and the star spangled banner. We sang the "fifty nifty United States song" to help him memorize the states. He has this cute hispanic accent that just makes me smile when he read things.

I went and saw Tarzan last night at Tuacahn, and it was awesome!! It was pretty funny too, which exceeded my expectations, the only thing was that the elephant wasn't in it! My favorite part of Tarzan is, "Are you sure this water's sanitary, it looks questionable to me!" But that's okay. Tarzan was..lets just say..he has been blessed with a beautiful body!

But the point I wanted to get at was that last night I had a friend by the name of Alayna Graham text me a sweet little message, that said three words- I Love you. What a comfort it was at that moment I read the text just because things are so crazy right now. And then my friend Tisa Berset from back in Florida who I haven't talked to in a few weeks, and knowing that I had a friend to talk to at that moment couldn't have been more perfectly timed. And last but not least. My roommates.

Connie- The one person who knows how to laugh and keep your spirits up. We seem to be at the same points in our life, just hoping and waiting and wishing, and together we push through our trials, and make it through. I couldn't have prayed for a better roommate.

Courtney- We always seems to get into the best discussions about the gospel, and she doesn't know it, but sometimes what she says is exactly what I need to hear, even though you hear the same things all the time. We are able to share little testimonies to each other without even saying a word, but by action.

Shalissa- Ohh Shalisa. We hope too. lol We all hope. Shalisa just says stuff that can make me laugh. She has a way with being such a goofball and not even caring. A pure daughter of God is exactly what Shalisa is. I love her for that.

There's one place I go to that's about 4 blocks from my apartment. The temple. I find myself driving over there on a regular occasion to find peace, and serenity. I don't know of any other place where I can find such relief, and can forget what's buggin me and worrying me then the temple ground. I just KNOW that one day I will be sealed for time and all eternity at some point in this life. Since I was a little girl my favorite primary song is, "I love to see the Temple" every time I hear it I get the chills. I see couples walking around together holding hands, and it gives me hope that maybe some day I can do that with someone too.

Homecoming week is next week! I'm so excited! It's going to be awesome! I love how my school is full of tradition! It makes everything that much more memorable, and fun!

Oh, and our flag football team finished...a losing season but it was fun!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back in the Act

Okay. So I've never been too big into this whole blogging thing, but I'm going to try and start it up again.  Just a quick summary of what's been going on:

My Sophomore year of college has officially started. We are a month into school, and I love it. My classes are great. I'm taking two education classes, oceanography, math 1050, Spanish 1, Doctrine and Covenants, New Testament, and a gym class to keep me going. I love my classes. My Spanish class is awesome, I've developed a greater appreciation for languages, and communicating with others. My education classes are a joke. But easy A's I can't complain too much about those. And my Institute classes are awesome. I have great teachers for both of them. With there personalities they teach so profoundly, and I learn so much each day. I picked up two classes, because I need it every day. Going to seminary monday through friday is drilled in my brain and schedule, that I just need institute on a daily basis to get my fill on the gospel.
So besides school I keep myself pretty busy. On Monday, Wednesday and Thursday I volunteer as a tutor at Coral Cliffs Elementary and tutor 3-5th graders, and I absolutely love it! There's no greater reward than seeing kids get excited about learning, and seeing the light bulbs go on as they start to understand certain concepts.

Then I'm in student government doing PR stuff which keeps me busy the rest of the time. It's fun. I'm starting to meet a lot of new people through it, and it's nice to be apart of the school. This year is our 100th birthday so there's a ton of activities that I get to help put on and be apart of.

Then I work too. I have a job working at the box office at school. Meeting new people there too is fun. It can be kind of tedious at times though I must say. I'm going to try and find another job, but this one will do for the time being.

Also, I go to Zumba every Monday and Wednesday with my roommates, and it's so funny watching us move our bodies. I mean I can dance, but moving my hips is another story to say the least.  It's quite the work out. I started playing frisbee last week with some freshman that invited me to play, and that's entertaining. I'd rather watch, but I scored once! I can't throw,fling...I'm not sure what it's called when you release the frisbee, but I can't do that either.  There was an 80's themed Zumba session to raise money for scholarships at the school and we went all out. 

Oh, I forgot. Church! I'm activities Chairman in my ward. I have an awesome Co/chair that is a wonderful help to me since I'm pretty busy with a million other things.  But we have planned some awesome activities for this semester. We are going to have a variety show in November, and we are even going to have it at the Electric Theatre! Which is part of downtown St. George, and it was here in the first stages of the City. They have country line dancing there, and open it up for people to do whatever they want. I'm excited for that one. I was pretty nervous about changing wards since I moved and all, and the adjustment is going great. I love my new ward, it's the biggest one in our stake, with over 250 active members, and then about 450 on the roster. We have a lot of rescuing to do.

Austin Warner. 
We had an activity for the stake that the acitivities Chairs put on, and I taught the NBA line dance at it which was hilarious to say the least. Here's some pictures from the dance we put on. It was a hit. Music wasnt that great, but you can't complain too much when you have a church dance. You get what you can right?

This would be the wonderful Kale. We worked on Oceanography today, at least we tried to! As you can tell we aren't that excited about it. 

Each entry I want to testify of what I know to be true. So this first entry. I want to testify of the plan of salvation. Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us. We need to stay on the path, and things will fall into place. There are things that I wonder about on a daily basis like, am I going to get married? When am I going to get married? Am I going to stay at Dixie? Will I really get my masters in administration to become an assistant principle? There are tons of questions that I wonder about. But I know that as I continue on the path, and pray daily, and read my scriptures regularly that the plan will become more clear to me. Having an eternal perspective is something a great seminary teacher once taught me. Jason Sumsion. He taught me to reflect on trials, and achievements with an eternal perspective. The Lord's timing is perfect. We just have to be patient and let things come to us.

As Joseph B Wirthlin said a few years ago:
"Come what may and LOVE it"

Friday, March 26, 2010

Thy will be Done

It seems like no matter how OCD I am about making plans for my future, they never seem to go as planned. The Lord surely works in mysterious ways. To say the least. I wish that I could describe exactly how I feel about certain things. But I just know that I am doing the right thing for once. My prayers have been answered in so many ways that it couldn't be more clear to me. I'm so happy with life, and it's been a few months since I've felt this way. I have been happy but not like this. Things are starting to fall into place, and I don't want to have it be any different. I love my family, and my friends, and the church.

The end.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This place I call home

It's Spring Break, and somethings have become so apparent to me while I've been home.

First is that, I know who my friends are. There's honestly 10 people if that from high school that I truly care about. I'd do anything for them, and I believe that they know who they are.

Second is that some people never change. Which is okay, that's just how people are, and I've learned to be patient and just accept it.

Third. people surprise you. I was at the beach, and people came up and said Hi, who usually wouldnt have anything to do with me in high school. Wether they are just fake, or truly meaning it I don't care. There are still good people in this world

Fourth. Being out in Utah has sheltered me a little bit naturally. Being home I hear so much crap come out of people's mouth that I just cringe.

Fifth. This life style we Floridians live is the only way to go. I havent done my hair once since I've been home. I mean I don't do it at school either, but at least I feel like it's okay to not do my hair.

I need to find a job. Like as soon as possible.  Or I may go bankrupt. No lie.

If I just sit back and look at my life, things are going well right now. There's always something that I could let get me down, but I try to look beyond those things. Like getting a job, getting car insurance, moving home, my SAT's all the papers I have to write, and stuff I have to get done. I may go crazy if I just think about all those things. But to know that I have a family who loves me, and friends who'd do anything for me is the greatest blessing.