Sunday, October 3, 2010

Party Time!

My 20th Birthday!
A New Decade

Today was awesome. More than I could ask for. I wasn't prepared for such an awesome day. It all started last night with the famous Cakebites from Sweet Toothfairy and dancing. Falling asleep with Connie at about 2 in the morning talking about everything. 

Us roommates get along great with our apartment managers. Seriously we love them. While Jay was at Priesthood Session, Nicole made us dinner! It was delicious, and we ended up talking a ton about the church and finally left at 11:30 at night. Seriously we couldn't have asked for better apartment managers.


I basically woke up to a wonderful phone call. It was Elder Michael Begg!  It was quite the surprise to say the least. Perked right up after that! 
As part of tradition Shalisa made STICKY BUNS!! You could say that they rose a ton! But regardless they were delicious!

We watched Conference today and it was incredible. Thomas S Monson even sang a happy birthday song just for me! Just kidding. But It was funny that my birthday just happened to be today. I learned a ton today and yesterday with Conference. Pretty much my own personal summary of it is this. Listen to the promptings of the spirit. Pray for guidance. Use your agency to do good. Listen to the Prophets. Be patient, have faith, and serve. Pretty simple.


My Delicious Birthday Cake! 

My Wonderful Nana recovering from Knee Surgery! We went to visit her with a cake, and opened presents. She was so cute. It's a blessing to have my grandparents here. They help me out with everything. I missed my mom and aunt a lot today though. My family is small and close knit. I wouldnt have it any other way. I'm not going to lie I thought that there could have been a small possibility of my mom popping out somewhere. Unrealistic I know, but you never know! I can't wait to go home and see her. I've been lucky to have a mom like I do. She's the best supporter, comforted, and knows me better than anyone else on the earth. I can't wait to just give her a big hug when I get off the plane in November. I've never been away from my mom for this long before. And I realize how much more I love her when I miss her. Or the days I go without talking on the phone or texting her. She's the only mom for me. And I love her. 

Family & Friends.
I couldn't ask for anything better

We had an awesome time with my grandparents. We all had a blast. My mom got me a card that had a sexy cowboy on it and you should have seen my face. Nana snatched it right out of my arms.  Then we came back to the apartment and had a few more people come over for left over cake. Only my best friends that I have made in the past year. I have been blessed with the most uplifting, talented, and fun friends. I'm so grateful for everything I have in my life at this time.

I have discovered that I am a person of small and simple things. It's always the little things that make my day. Like yesterday I got two letters from missionaries wishing me a happy birthday and it made my day. Or like Brayden my roommates brother made me cookies a day early which was really funny at the same time, but something that just makes me happy is the little things that people do. The thoughtful things mean the most to me. Like a phone call from friends I havent talked to in a while, and homemade cards. Or a plate with cinnamon rolls on it with candles in it. Maybe I'm just silly, but thats all i need in life.  Just the little things.
The best roommate in the world. Love her to death. She's the best ever. 
Then this perfect day ended with the last slice of cake eaten by Kody, who managed to slip away without getting into a picture tonight. And my best friend David Lee Biliter calling me to wish me a  happy birthday. It was perfect

With it being my Birthday I just want to write the 20 things I am Most grateful for 

1. The Gospel of Christ
2. A Testimony 
3. My Mother
4. The perfect family that I have been blessed with
5. My Friends that help me to be better
6. The struggles and trials that help me to grow
7. A desire to learn
8. Eyes to see the sunset and shooting stars
9. Ears to hear the sound of music 
10. A healthy body- two legs that walk and run. Two arms, a beating heart, two eyes, two ears all working
11. My weaknesses, so that I can turn to the Lord to make me stronger
12. The Scriptures so that I am able to come closer to my Savior
13. Happiness & Laughter
14. Prayer
15. Temples to keep my eternal perspective
16. Rainy days to cuddle up and watch old movies
17. My Patriarchal Blessing
18. Nail Polish my toes are always painted.
19. A future
20. Love

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  1. yayyyy i'm so happy you're blogging again!!! happy birthday and i love you - you are such a light to those around you!