Monday, October 11, 2010

Be not weary in well doing

First of all. We watched this in one of my education classes, and it amazes me what Jessica can do. I hope you can be inspired by this, and remember not to judge others as you pass people who are different from you.

So there are a few things I have to write about. This past week was awesome. It was homecoming week, and for student government, it seemed like the madness never ended. Unfortunately, I couldn't do the one thing that keeps me sane. Tutor at the elementary school. I love those kids so much, and today I finally get to see the little munchkins again! So on to bigger and better things.

Homecoming week was great! I was pooped by Sunday though. Between work school I was exhausted.

I went and met with the National Advisory Council on Thursday morning. And the NAC is kind of a big deal, they help give our school money, and support things that we want to have happen in the future at our school. And I was encouraged to go and talk with them, and I was a bit cynical and just didn't want to go down, but I did because I was forced into it, and I'm so glad that I did. I ended up talking with a man named David Jepson, and his wife. Who, come to find out live a few houses down from my grandparents! It's a small world when you're Mormon. I love it. But we got to talking about education and life and such more than we did about Dixie, but I learned so much in the hour that I talked with him. His wife has 2 masters degrees, one in Nursing, and another in Education, and she hasnt worked a day in her life. I love hearing that. I'd rather here that someone has two degrees and never worked then no degree and struggling to get by. Some may say that it's a waste of money and time. I have to completely disagree the most valuable thing in this life is your education it's what gets your through, and help you to understand the bigger things in life. David Jepson said that his wife was a better mother because of the schooling that she had, and that there children value education that much more now. It was inspiring to me to be honest. But I'm the type of person who absolutely loves school, and that's one reason why I want to be a teacher. David Jepson said that, I am my grandpa in a young body. That meant a lot to me, just because My grandpa is someone who I look up to with a lot of respect, and has everything that I want in my future spouse..whenever he comes along.

Side note--With that said about education, I've thought a lot about getting my phD. Just a thought though.

Something else that happened this week was my Papa got an Angiogram, and if you don't know what this is, it basically is a report on what your heart is up to. And my Papa was concerned about a lot of things, which made me a little worried. But come to find out, he got a blessing, and the results of the angiogram came back with all good things. It was seriously a miracle. He just needs to tone it down a notch on how much he does. He just doesnt ask for help..It's family thing. None of us ever ask for help. Stubborn nature is all. Pride. We need to work on that.



My Aunt and I are trying to figure out where to go next summer for our trip. And it's pretty much come down to Belize, Guatamala, or Peru. We want to dive, but I want to speak spanish too. I'm going to try and make a decision by the end of the week, and talk to my mom and see if she wants to come, because that would be awesome. Another girls trip. And maybe this time, the natives wont mistake my spanish for english.

I managed to get myself a second job! I'll be working as a hostess now at Pasta factory. My friend Bryn's dad owns a few of them, and needed someone fast. I wont say no to a stable job in this economy. So now I have one more thing to add to my plate, but I'm not complaining, it keeps my grades up, and keeps me out of trouble, and then men far away, which seems to be the case wether I am busy or not.


The dance on Saturday night was fun. Here's a quick little summary. Curled hair looked awesome. Made new memories in an old dress. Dead battery. Forgot camera. Outback dinner. True Rebel. Sweat. Ran through the fountain. Freezing cold water. Sweat pants. Ironman 2. Falling asleep. That sums it up in a nut shell basically.

Something that was said at church yesterday has stuck with me for a while. It's
 2 Thessalonians 3:13. 
Be not weary in Well doing.
I feel like I can never do enough to help people. Even though I know I am doing enough at the same time. My grandpa lives up to this in every aspect, and is something that I want to being to live by to. You can't decline an opportunity to serve others. If it's for a good cause and helps others, why would you decline it? It's selfish really to be honest. Serving is something that blesses your life, sometimes directly, most other times indirectly. I know that to be true in my life.

Each week I find myself saying, "I'm not going to be as busy this week." Courtney kindly reminded me, and said, "Yeah right, you always say that." But I promise this week wont be as busy. Ha. Only until Wednesday. Then it's fall break and I can just work and wont have school to worry about! Woohoo! 

I'm excited for the next couple of weeks. Fall break. Connies Family comes the 22, then it's halloween, then it's November, and Elder Begg comes home, and then I go home for thanksgiving! =]

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