Friday, November 19, 2010

The end is drawing nigh!

The Semester is coming to a close! I can not wait!!

Here's what's going down for the next month.
Thanksgiving Break! 
Homeward bound

Study for finals.
Finals week.


Applied for Graduation this week! I will have my AA in May!
I will apply for the Elem Ed Program in the spring for Fall, cross my fingers that I get accepted.

School is winding down! Two more weeks after Thanksgiving! Loving the idea of not having school for three straight weeks! 

I am going home tomorrow!! I can't wait you have no idea!

Saw Harry Potter! It was awesome! I just wish that we could all have a Dobby in our life. To boost our confidence and have a constant friend. Everyone in the world would be so happy all the time! 

Short and sweet and to the point.
The end!

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