Friday, November 12, 2010

Eternal Growth

Things have been so crazy. I've hardly had time for myself. If I'm home I'm studying, eating, or sleeping. But Something that I've found that helps me cope..driving. I've always known this, but sometimes people ask me how I stay seine. And it's just that. Going for a drive! It's that simple.

In one of my institute classes we are studying Doctrine and Covenants. I love D&C. It puts things so plain, and doesn't beat around the bush. It's the only revealed book of scripture that was written down in english. But one of the things we were talking about is nature, and that our Heavenly Father loves nature. We related it to the sabbath day and how it is a day of rest. Reflecting on how the Lord felt on that one day of rest, I'm sure he looked around and took in the beauty of his creation. As should we. The time that we live in now is a time of fast pace, and technology. We are the generation least connected with the environment, putting aside recycling, and go green things. The greeks, mayans, aztecs, and romans were more connected with nature. They learned through nature, and even made their building based upon the stars. They knew more about the sun moon stars and seasons than we do with the science and advances we have now. It's fascinating to me.  With that said, I think it's alright to say that we can all spend a little more time reflecting on the simple things around us. With this time of year, the leaves change, the clouds get lower, it gets darker earlier and brighter earlier. The stars are brighter at night. The sunsets more colorful. Funny how that all works out. 

I was thinking about the word grow. As a gospel setting growth can mean many things. But as far as Heavenly Father goes, he wants to see us grow in eternal things. The things that really matter. Like family, how we spend our time with them. Serving others, with a glad heart, and willingly, and seeking the Lord for his help and guidance. Being happy, finding things that make us happy that we can share with others. Growing in things that make us better. It's all connected. It's just that much easier to get back up when we fall when we are growing in eternal things. When you know where you want to go, and act accordingly, you'll get there. 
School is going great. My education classes make me just want to get out of college already and teach. One thing is for sure that I really want to teach little kids. They are just so dang cute! I'm hoping to finish out this semester with a 3.5 GPA. Lets see if I can keep up my grades for the next 4 weeks. I can't wait for this semester to be over with. I've work harder this semester than I think I ever have since I've been in college. It's paid off thats for sure. Student government finally slowed down. Now it's just little things here and there that we have to do. We got 2 showings of Harry Potter bought out from them theaters for the midnight showing! And in 3 hours we were sold out! And yes I got my ticket to it! 

Basketball started! =] You know what that means!? I LOVE BASKETBALL SEASON! =]

Work work work work. It seems to take up all of my life. I work about 40 hours a week. You could say I'm just a little bit tired at the end of the week. But Sunday rolls around and I"m refreshed and ready for a new week! I love it. Tutoring saves me yet again. The kids brighten my week. Unfortunately with the holidays coming around they don't need much of me to help out, so I wont get to tutor for a few weeks.
The weather here has been gorgeous. Not much longer and it will start to get colder than my likening. But I suppose that comes with the times. I don't like layering on clothes just to stay warm to get inside of a blazing hot building! It's rather annoying if you ask me. I like it when its warm and sunny. Beach weather preferably, go figure.
I'll be home in a week! I'm so excited to be home! The closer it gets, it seems that I get more home sick!

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