Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back in the Act

Okay. So I've never been too big into this whole blogging thing, but I'm going to try and start it up again.  Just a quick summary of what's been going on:

My Sophomore year of college has officially started. We are a month into school, and I love it. My classes are great. I'm taking two education classes, oceanography, math 1050, Spanish 1, Doctrine and Covenants, New Testament, and a gym class to keep me going. I love my classes. My Spanish class is awesome, I've developed a greater appreciation for languages, and communicating with others. My education classes are a joke. But easy A's I can't complain too much about those. And my Institute classes are awesome. I have great teachers for both of them. With there personalities they teach so profoundly, and I learn so much each day. I picked up two classes, because I need it every day. Going to seminary monday through friday is drilled in my brain and schedule, that I just need institute on a daily basis to get my fill on the gospel.
So besides school I keep myself pretty busy. On Monday, Wednesday and Thursday I volunteer as a tutor at Coral Cliffs Elementary and tutor 3-5th graders, and I absolutely love it! There's no greater reward than seeing kids get excited about learning, and seeing the light bulbs go on as they start to understand certain concepts.

Then I'm in student government doing PR stuff which keeps me busy the rest of the time. It's fun. I'm starting to meet a lot of new people through it, and it's nice to be apart of the school. This year is our 100th birthday so there's a ton of activities that I get to help put on and be apart of.

Then I work too. I have a job working at the box office at school. Meeting new people there too is fun. It can be kind of tedious at times though I must say. I'm going to try and find another job, but this one will do for the time being.

Also, I go to Zumba every Monday and Wednesday with my roommates, and it's so funny watching us move our bodies. I mean I can dance, but moving my hips is another story to say the least.  It's quite the work out. I started playing frisbee last week with some freshman that invited me to play, and that's entertaining. I'd rather watch, but I scored once! I can't throw,fling...I'm not sure what it's called when you release the frisbee, but I can't do that either.  There was an 80's themed Zumba session to raise money for scholarships at the school and we went all out. 

Oh, I forgot. Church! I'm activities Chairman in my ward. I have an awesome Co/chair that is a wonderful help to me since I'm pretty busy with a million other things.  But we have planned some awesome activities for this semester. We are going to have a variety show in November, and we are even going to have it at the Electric Theatre! Which is part of downtown St. George, and it was here in the first stages of the City. They have country line dancing there, and open it up for people to do whatever they want. I'm excited for that one. I was pretty nervous about changing wards since I moved and all, and the adjustment is going great. I love my new ward, it's the biggest one in our stake, with over 250 active members, and then about 450 on the roster. We have a lot of rescuing to do.

Austin Warner. 
We had an activity for the stake that the acitivities Chairs put on, and I taught the NBA line dance at it which was hilarious to say the least. Here's some pictures from the dance we put on. It was a hit. Music wasnt that great, but you can't complain too much when you have a church dance. You get what you can right?

This would be the wonderful Kale. We worked on Oceanography today, at least we tried to! As you can tell we aren't that excited about it. 

Each entry I want to testify of what I know to be true. So this first entry. I want to testify of the plan of salvation. Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us. We need to stay on the path, and things will fall into place. There are things that I wonder about on a daily basis like, am I going to get married? When am I going to get married? Am I going to stay at Dixie? Will I really get my masters in administration to become an assistant principle? There are tons of questions that I wonder about. But I know that as I continue on the path, and pray daily, and read my scriptures regularly that the plan will become more clear to me. Having an eternal perspective is something a great seminary teacher once taught me. Jason Sumsion. He taught me to reflect on trials, and achievements with an eternal perspective. The Lord's timing is perfect. We just have to be patient and let things come to us.

As Joseph B Wirthlin said a few years ago:
"Come what may and LOVE it"

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