Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This place I call home

It's Spring Break, and somethings have become so apparent to me while I've been home.

First is that, I know who my friends are. There's honestly 10 people if that from high school that I truly care about. I'd do anything for them, and I believe that they know who they are.

Second is that some people never change. Which is okay, that's just how people are, and I've learned to be patient and just accept it.

Third. people surprise you. I was at the beach, and people came up and said Hi, who usually wouldnt have anything to do with me in high school. Wether they are just fake, or truly meaning it I don't care. There are still good people in this world

Fourth. Being out in Utah has sheltered me a little bit naturally. Being home I hear so much crap come out of people's mouth that I just cringe.

Fifth. This life style we Floridians live is the only way to go. I havent done my hair once since I've been home. I mean I don't do it at school either, but at least I feel like it's okay to not do my hair.

I need to find a job. Like as soon as possible.  Or I may go bankrupt. No lie.

If I just sit back and look at my life, things are going well right now. There's always something that I could let get me down, but I try to look beyond those things. Like getting a job, getting car insurance, moving home, my SAT's all the papers I have to write, and stuff I have to get done. I may go crazy if I just think about all those things. But to know that I have a family who loves me, and friends who'd do anything for me is the greatest blessing.

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