Saturday, August 29, 2009

Accomplice. Who would of thought?

Yesterday we had quite the entertainment. The roomies and I went down to go watch a movie on the big screen, and this women walked in with her child, and she was like,"I'm not crazy, I am allergic to strawberries and I need some benadryll." So Kristin gave her some because she is allergic to nuts. So she was talking to us about all her problems, and telling us about how she is 25 and has 6 kids and her husband is in Prison, and she was being weird about the fact that Kristin and I had boyfriends, and she was talking about getting it on with Polynesians, and black guys. And we were starting to get bad vibes. She was from Cedar and came here to get a new car, and she couldnt call her parents because they could pick her up, and was saying that she couldnt drive back and was asking us to go with her up there. She invited us to a party up there. It was just all really weird. So point of me telling you this..She was a criminal and wanted for her arrest. CRAZY! go figure that we would be the ones who tried to help her hu?

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