Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Home Sweet Home

For those who don't know exactly where home is for me, well here it is:

So I've been home now for a few days. It's been a great break. I didn't consider Hawaii a break since we were GOGOGO the whole time, and I'll take the blame for that. But getting used to the 6 hour time change took until last night to get used to things again. I love being home. 

Some things I've missed:
I never thought I'd miss this, but the seagulls, as annoying as they are, yes I missed them
I missed riding my bike on the Pinellas trail
The white sand
Annie. Tiffany. Kerry. Anna. Nuff said
Oh! My Bed! I love my bed
How candy stays soft, and doesn't get hard
My hair and skin are super soft because it's humid :)
The shopping. Since there's little in St. George
Smelling the ocean. I love that smell
The color of the walls in my room: teal and lime green
The bass the thugs have bumpin in their cars. Love it
How close EVERYTHING is
Chick-fil-a & Firehouse Subs :)
That's just to name a few things

So with that being said, since I've been home, I've caught up with all the girls, and went on a field trip with my mom's class to a Blue Jays game which was tons of fun. Then my Mom, Rob & I went on a 14 mile bike ride from Downtown Dunedin to Clearwater Beach. And then headed back. It took just less than 2 hours. It was so fun! We even went up on the new bridge (which isn't really so new anymore) and I did it without getting off and walking. Killer on the thighs though! I was reminded of how fascinated I am with Pelicans..they are really not that cute, but they are so funny to watch. My mom and I spent the day together today, and went shopping and bought some clothes for teaching, and then got pedicures! Only appropriate seeing how that's just what we do together. :) It's one of my most favorite things to do. Getting pedicures that is. Shopping not so much. Oh yeah, and I've been cleaning out my drawers and closet in my room. Just getting rid of lots of stuff that I have left here, and don't even use anymore. As for the remainder of my time here, I've got a few doctors appt's to get caught up on, the beach for sure, and some quality time with my mom, and the girls definitely! 9 more days and I'll be back in Utah. Back to school and work. 

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