Monday, September 26, 2011

The Proposal

Steven and I are engaged! :)
Happy Day!

I know lots of you are dying to know about the proposal!

So this is how it went down. Let me preface it with what happened before.
I was on my way home from work talking to Annie and she asked me when I was going to get a ring on my finger..and I was like IDK!!!!! Little did I know that an hour later I would have one!

So I was hungry. Starving actually. And if you know me, that means Gabzilla is out ready to be grouchy and probably mean. So that's what I was when I first got to Steven's. The plan was to go Rappelling of Dixie Rock that night and then go to the Hurricane Football game. So I waited in my truck for him to get home, because he was late. But really he was just setting up, but I didn't know that. And so I made some mac and cheese to tide us over. And we headed out to Dixie Rock. We hiked up, and got all strapped in, and they told me when we get half way to stop on this ledge, and smile for a picture..

So I get ready to go. I was a little nervous. Considering I have done so many other more scary things, I was nervous and it was weird. But nevertheless I did it! And got to the ledge, and turned around for a picture, but then his parents were there! Then I knew. Steven started saying nice things, and then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He pulled out a Tissue Box, and inside of that was a ring box...dundundun and I said yes. Then we finished rappelling down Dixie Rock.

That was that. Apparently there was a rumor going around, which I never heard, that he was going to propose on my birthday. Steven started it on purpose, but it never got around to me. Haha.

So I'm getting married..

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  1. yah Gabbi! Im so happy for you! I can't wait to see you get sealed to your spouse for eternity. It is the best feeling in the whole world.