Monday, December 20, 2010

Catch me if you can

Holy cow! Life has been so crazy since Thanksgiving. I don't even know where the time has gone.
A few things first.

The sun hasn't come out in 11 days. I'm sick of it. 2 or 3 days is fine, but now I'm beginning to think the sun is hibernating for the rest of the winter, and I'm not okay with that. I need the sun. 

I am done with this semester!
I have to admit, I don't think I have ever worked this hard in school. But it seems like it's all paid off because I have a 3.5 GPA. good enough for me at this point. I am finishing up a few more requirements for the education program, and I will be applying in January for Fall 2011. If I get in I will be so happy, and will have to decide weather or not to go with it, or defer it to go on a mission for my church for a year and a half. If I don't get in..well then I know my path has been paved for me.

Something else. My Nana was in the hospital for a week, for stomach pain, and the doctors ended up doing everything wrong you could possibly imagine. And then my Aunt came up to help, and today we find out the results of a lot of tests that they took for her to see if she needs surgery, or just more medicine to take pain away. It's all a mystery as to what happened. But as a family we all just feel like something isn't right about all this.   But through it all, I've become more grateful for my health, and more aware that my healthy lifestyle now, totally affects how I will be when I'm older, if I ever get to that point! 

My Aunt and I have decided to go to Hawaii this summer instead of Belize, because it's cheaper, and about the same kind of experience without speaking spanish, which I'm kind of bummed about, but there will be other trips that I can speak spanish for. But I'm excited! We'll head there right after Spring Semester

Connie and I are going to be EFY counselors this summer! Up in Provo, at BYU. It's going to be so fun! It took forever to get everything squared away, and we thought that we weren't ever going to get through and get accepted but we are at the interview part, just waiting to pick our date! It's exciting!

I have all of my classes squared away for next semester I'm taking 5 education classes, a required stupid computer class, Piano, Water Aerobics. It's going to be another crazy semester, but I will be so thrilled to have my associated in the Spring, it will be worth it to me. You could say I'm an over achiever.

Something I have learned this past month is when people bug you, get on your nerves, or say mean things about you, all you can do is love them, and forgive, because if you don't you are being just as low as they are. Turning the other cheek is something I have been blessed with. Some call it being a pushover, but I call it love. With love, you can overcome so many obstacles, and relationships. 

It takes more effort to love, that's why it means that much more. - Me

It's almost Christmas! I can't wait! I read something the other day, and it was something like this:
A little boy was at the mall shopping with his mom, and he saw a line for Santa Claus, and instead of begging his mom to go get in line to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas, he simply asked, "Where's the line for Jesus." 
May we all remember the true meaning of Christmas, and be happy this time of year no matter our circumstances. And know that there is always someone watching over you. You are loved, and can make the season brighter with your love for Christ.

Watch this. It's about Christmas :)

Merry Christmas!

Oh and one more thing. Our apartment is cursed. The spell goes something like this:
May this apartment never be liked by guys, and have bad luck forever!
We don't know what's wrong with us. If you know something we don't please let us know!
Connie and I are on a 30 day Manfast.

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  1. gabbiiiii my love,
    i read this whenever you post. just so you know, you have a reader!!
    i was touched with your line of "where's the line to see jesus?" and wanted to share this link with you.

    go watch it. it will bring tears to your eyes.
    love you girl!! so good to see how well you are doing!