Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I love this time of year!

I don't know where to begin! There's lots to write about this time. 

Lake Powell
So much fun! Now I don't get homesick easily, but I can say that that trip made me more sick for home in a long time. Being on the water (no equivalence to the ocean) and doing all the things I use to do back home. But the worry of sting rays, sharks, and alligators doesn't exist! So nice! Sunday night we left about midnight and go to Lake Powell around 2:30am and camped out in the parking lot. Steven got to see my delirious side. Singing, and getting annoyed with no radio stations and the constant tune of static! It was pretty funny. On Monday at the crack of down my eyes could sense the sun, and my head just berried itself underneath my sleeping bag to shade myself. I loved it though. We got ready to head out and find a spot on the lake as son as we all got up and ready. We found our quaint spot, set up camp, and got going. We went out on the wave runners, and I can say proudly that I flipped Steven off (I fell too, only because he pulled me off)! Another time we almost fell off again, but me and my strong muscles pulled steven back up! :) Steven's mom did such a good job with the food. Easy, and yummy! Then the winds came. No bueno for me and my sensitive eyes. That night we went to bed out on the sand, and this is where it gets funny. I was drenched in bug spray. So was Steven. The rest of the family was on the boat and the flashlight was not leaving my hand in case of the boogy man. At the beginning of the night we were on top of the sleeping bags, but by the end we were definitely tucked in tight. Steven felt something on his leg, so he just brushed it off, and then felt it again, so I quickly turned on the flashlight, and it was a bat, but I can't see crap because I"m blind so I grab my glasses, and there is in fact a bat the size of my palm on Steven's sleeping bag. It was the ugliest creature I have ever seen. It flung it off by prying his hand under his sleeping bag and tapping it, but that didn't work until he smacked the dang thing. Then it decided to leave and fly onto my arm where I squished it! And flung it off because I was startled it would even dare touch me! Haha. Then he flew under our beds, and crawled on my side. So I creep on to Steven's bed, while steven tries to capture it. Then he loses it...Where does it go!?! My backpack!!! Steven gets a shovel and tries to just pry it off of my bag, and it makes the disgusting, and creepishly hissing sound.  (By the way, the whole lake probably thought something died because of my screaming as this is all happening). Steven eventually just picked up my bag, and moved it outside of the canopy we were sleeping under. At that point we moved under our sleeping bags, and were up for a bit to calm our nerves. But it was so funny. The next morning we went out on the wave runners again, and saw some pretty canyons, and I tried to wakeboard for the millionth time, and failed for the millionth time, even with Steven's patience, and help. Steven taught Roger, and he was ten times better than me. Pretty much got up his second try. The winds picked up again shortly there after, and we decided to eat lunch and pack up early and go home instead of stay another day. So we packed up camp pretty quick, and headed back. Half way through the know wake zone, the Wave Runner that Roger was using gave out on us, so Steven towed it on the back. We stopped at an ice cream shop in Kanab, and got back home, got dinner, and played cards which was fun! I love playing cards. Then we voted on what we would do the following day, and so Wednesday we went up into Zion and went hiking, and saw some petroglyphs. So that was Lake Powell in a quick summary. Felt like you were there don't you?

Side note: Tyler Stout got home from his mission! I went to the airport with Danny Blake to see him, which was exciting, and their new adopted sister who was eight days old at the time. :)

School is going really great. Better than I would think. I only have two more weeks left! Then It's off to EFY and my mom comes to visit for a few days!

Steven is in New York with Becky for 12 more days now, he's been gone for 6 already. I'm a third of the way there! I may have mentioned this before, but they are there doing the Hill Cumorah pageant. Steven got the part of wilderness Nephi (a character in the Book of Mormon), and Becky is a dancer! Steven got to finally shave his beard and get a hair cut! I can't wait! But they are having a good time. Super busy and tired at the end of the day. In the meantime I'm just working and going to school. Trying to keep busy, but it's not working out as well as I'd like to. 

I still love my job. Kamy and Audi are such a fun handful to be with, sometimes I want to pull my hair out, but they make up for it 5 minutes later. We went to the Rodeo in Gunlock last weekend which was fun for them. They loved the little caves that the little kids got to ride. And the chicken run. Which I personally think is just gross, but hey some people grow up on that stuff and can stand it..not me. I get home made dinners sometimes from the family. I even got some clothes that Judy never wore yesterday! 5 new pairs of pants! She was just like here you go they are your size, and I wont ever be able to get back to that so they are yours! I am telling you, I have the best job in the world. 

Our washer broke down at our place. Pretty funny. It's back and running now, but it was funny ringing out Britt's clothes and having people come look at it in the middle of the night. 

July 4th was fun. I had a couple of things I could have done but I decided to go spend some time with my Nana and Papa. I cleaned a few things out, and made some shorts with my Nana, and Picked some Apricots with my Papa. We went and looked for a new mattress for me because the one I had been sleeping on was like the Grand Canyon and I couldnt sleep at night, and woke up every day with a back ache. So we went out and got a good deal on one and bought it, and then went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner! Always one of my favorite places. I came back to St George and went to the Temple to watch the fireworks with Britt. 

I discovered a sizzling noise from a drip in my truck, and so I took it into the mechanic because I worry about those things for as much as I use my truck. He told me nothing was wrong. It's all normal drippage!! What a happy day that was! 

It's been a good two weeks. My mom is coming on July 31st! I'm so excited to see her. We are going to go see Grease at Tuacahn when she comes. Probably up to Zion and get pedicures :) I can't wait. I miss her more in the summer time it seems.

Life is good though. I am so blessed and grateful for all the things in my life. It's the little things that keep me going. And those little things become the big things when something goes wrong. 


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