Thursday, June 23, 2011

It finally feels like Summer

We hit 100 degrees this week! It's about time that's all I have to say. You wont hear me complaining about it either. I guarantee that. I will take this heat in before it's cold again.

So the latest is that school is going well. At least I'd like to think so. I love my tennis class. I finally don't have to wear a sweater to class now because it's warmer.  And my math class has turned into a joke I'm not going to lie. My professor just goes on tangents. Sometimes it's about math, but more often than not it's about something completely off topic and ridiculous. It's humorous sometimes. Other times when I could be doing something more productive I wish I was elsewhere.

Have I mentioned that I love my job yet? Because I do. Every day is an adventure that's for sure. Audi (short for autumn) is working on her alphabet with the school she will be attending for Kindergarten and we are on the letter H I think  now, and apparently she's making great progress. We went to swimming lessons this past week. And boy oh boy was that interesting. Have you ever been in the pool and had to get out because someone took a crap?! Well I had to claim a child who did that. Kamy. Oh what a joy that was. So funny! Poor chica had diarrhea. Evacuation from the pool- most def. I love those girls, and that family. I went to church with them for father's day. Which was so much better than going anywhere else for it. Sometimes they give me treats like Orange Rolls, or homemade bread. Who wouldn't like my job?! I drive their cars, and get paid to play with two of the cutest little girls. I couldn't have a better set up if I thought of it myself.

Steven and I end up seeing each other about 3 times a week maybe 4 or 5 if we are lucky right now. But Sunday we leave to go to Lake Powell with his family! I'm pretty excited! It's going to be such a blast. he taught me how to work the backhoe. City girl in a tractor... It was pretty cool though.  We are going to run a 5k in October, or a half marathon we haven't decided it all depends on what we do for fall break because that's when it is. Either way I'm excited to do it with him! We are going to start donating plasma when he gets back from New York too. Oh which I can't wait for you know why?!! Because he wont have his beard!! We had a campfire date with two other couples from institute council last weekend which was fun. It was out in Diamond Valley by a lake/pond (pond if you're from FL Lake if your from UT). We had a blast. Steven got the food ready in tinfoil, we put it in the fire, and then baam it was good! :)

Side note: I love the girls I live with. I can count on one hand when we have all been home at the same time, but regardless Connie, Mel and Brit are the greatest. There's always laughter and then we can have our serious convos.. hardly without a giggle. We have a neighborhood cat that left us a present..a dead decapitated cat. So gross.

I got a new phone finally. My Blackberry was dying, and then coming back to life. I would talk on the phone for 5 minutes when it was fully charged, and then it would die! So I went and got a new one. iPhone bandwagon. Oh yes. Never thought I would do it. But I did. Steven got one last week too. I have to say I'm in love, and those who have one know what I am talking about. It's a different world out there now No joke!

I feel like I have so much more I could write about but it's not coming to my mind to remember it all! That's okay I'm going to give myself a pat on the back just for keeping it up to post on here.

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