Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's a waiting game

If we don't fall, we don't cherish our successes
- Ezra Taft Benson
^I have fallen a lot then haha.

I'll get to the title of my post momentarily. But I just have to write about everything that's been going on.

So get this. Abby (Student Body President of my school) Texted me a few days before school started, and asked me to be her new Administrative  Assistant, because Lindsey- her old one- decided to just work, because she's planning to go into the Dental Program. So Abby called me and asked if my schedule would work out to do the job. And I didn't think that it would, but I looked into moving my schedule around, and come to find out it would work. So I told her that it would work out. Abby said she'd get back to me, once she got back into town. So Monday the first day of school comes around, and I get a call from Abby, and she said ,"Gabbi guess what? You are officially my new Administrative Assistant!" So I was jumping on my bed out of it what you may, and *crack*I broke my  bed riser!! Oops! It was hilarious. My bed was all lopsided! Haha. So I had to take a trip to the store and get a new bed riser! It was priceless. Too bad no one was at the apartment to share my news with. But it was great.

I got a scholarship! It's a non resident Merit scholarship from the school. I have applied every semester and I have never gotten one, but now I finally did!! It's for good grades. If they wouldn't have given it to me, I may have just gone up to them and told them all I do for the school and say I deserve a little break on how much I pay to go to school. But I didn't have to do that after all!  But because now I'm techinically on the executive council for the student body, I get 1000 stipend for school so now I'm practically paying in state tuition! It's awesome!! :)

Karen and I got out tickets to Hawaii!!! We are leaving May 7th!! 2 days after my finals! I'm so flippin excited. We are going to Oahu! I can't wait!! We are going to SCUBA that's the main purpose, but I want to see some waterfalls, go surfing, rent bikes, go to the PCC and anything and everything. If you have suggestions please fill me in!

Greg Mortenson is coming to town at the end of March. And I'm the student body representative for him, and I'm honored. Sales aren't quite where we want them to be for his visit, but we're hoping that it picks up come February. I have a meeting with the committee today, and will see what has to be enforced at the meeting.

School is going great. I'm enrolled in 20 credits. Yeah I know I'm crazy with everything else that I do, but it's great. I'm staying on top of things, and I love it. Because of my new job in student gov't I have to have 2 hours a day in the office, oh which by the way I have my own cubicle. I love it! Anyway, I get my homework done in my office, and then just go home and I can actually relax. I'm definitely a lot more busier than I was last semester, but for some reason I'm  not stressing at all. I love my classes. They are all education classes, so I am learning sometimes, and other being bored to death with things I already know. I tested out of CIS which is this dumb computer class that is required, and I hate it, so I tested out of the word, powerpoint and windows part of it. And then I still have to do all the work for just one section on Excel.  It's a major pain in my booty.

Institute council. That's my new calling at church. It's so fun! I meet so many people, it's great. I'm already passionate about the gospel, but to be involved in what get's people active again, and something that truly makes me happy. I couldn't ask for a better calling, except of course teaching.
So go sign up! Click the link!

Sign up for Institute

I have bronchitis. I don't know if I mentioned that in my last post, but I do. And I'm still coughing a month later, but I'm getting better! So that's good. I got sick over Christmas break, and today's the first day that I haven't had to cough because of breathing, it's just a wimpy cough. And I can finally start to work out..I think. Without feeling like I'm dying.

I broke out the Trek Beach Cruiser yesterday to ride to an elections meeting. IT was quite the sight to see. Me going up hill on a bike that has flat tires (which btw I didn't realize till I was about half way to school so I wasn't going to turn back) And then I run into Connie! Gotta love it.

Oh the pressure of waiting. Patience goes along with that indirectly.
I had my EFY counselor interview last week. I find out at the end of February if I get "in" on not. So that gives me some what of anxiety, and excitement. I hope I get in, because I've always wanted to do EFY counseling, it's seriously like the best week of my year!

Then I turned in all of my stuff for the Elementary Education Program. I had my interview on Saturday. I was the youngest one there. It was a little intimidating in the fact that I'm actually the age you're suppose to be in college, and I was surrounded by married/divorced/ and people with families! So wierd! But I am confident that I did my best. So If I don't get in..well then I'm screwed. Just kidding I'll be dissappointed, but I know that the Lord has something else in store for me. It's just in my blood to be a teacher. So I have to get in!

Plan B, C, D and E though are to.. Go on a mission for church for a year and a half. Study abroad, I'm thinking Jerusalem, or South America. Not go to summer school, and go home for once, or Arizona. Stay in Utah, and go to school in the fall, but take just 12 credit, and work full time. So it will work out how it's suppose to, but I just want to get in so bad. That's all I want to do is teach. I'm so passionate about it. I just want to have my own classroom and kids to be around all the time! It's where I fit in in this crazy world, and where I need to be. But if I don't get in, ,there's always next semester.

I bought a new bathing suit!! It's yellow with polka dots.  Best day ever!

On that note..Just the little things. I know I say this like all the time, but it's so true. It's the little things that count. Okay like for instance when someone texts you and asks you how your interview was, or how work was, I dont know it's like oh you remembered, and then cared, and thought to ask! Or when someone takes out the trash! Or Cleans out the dishwasher! I seriously get so happy when stuff like that happens. Or when I paint my toes! That's the best. Or when people actually follow through with what they say they are going to do. I get let down too often, so when people do what they say they will I'm shocked. Sad right? Okay I think I'm done on my soapbox, but just had to get that out. I love the little things.

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