Monday, May 2, 2011

Angels Landing and another Final down

Okay so here's the latest.

We hiked Angels landing on Saturday. We meaning Steven, Kaj, and I! If you're afraid of heights, I do not recommend it at all. But I had so much fun. Steve and I are doing it again so we can make it to the top this time. But it was pretty chilly and windy for my likening. Regardless, it was a ton of fun! Afterwards we took a chill pill for a little bit, and then got ready for Dinner in Cedar City with Brother and Sister Tate some missionaries that Steven served with, and Kaj wanted to visit before he leaves on his mission to Poland. That was fun. I was so tired that night I'm not going to lie. But It was a great break from all the stress I've had about everything else going on around me.

We are pretty much settled into our new place. It's home for the next year, and I'm pretty exciting. The best part is the Harry Potter closet that we have. And all the space we have! It's perfect!

I don't know what else more there is to say except that I have two more finals now,  one is going to be a little hard, and the other will be a breeze. I will be done on Thursday! Woo! Best day ever!

Oh I'm cutting my hair. Chopping it again. I just can't seem to grow my hair out past the length that it is right now, because it's really annoying. So I'm cutting it off again. Don't worry- not boy short.

It's almost time to start packing for you know what!! Hawaii and Florida! :) I can not wait!! I'm going to get buhhh-rown! Karen got our snacks already, movies downloaded on her iPad, and I've got the latest and greatest too..haha yeah right.

 Life is good. :)

Oh. I got the nanny job! I'm so grateful for that too!

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  1. Gabbi you are very assiduous when it comes to this blog.