Saturday, May 21, 2011

My favorite: Tan lines on my face

The numbers are getting smaller for the days that I have left here in Florida. But it's been a ton of fun. Since I last posted, Thursday I had an Eye Appt & I went to the beach with the beautiful Anna Mckeon and Bride - To - Be Mary Gundel soon to be Mckeon! It was so much fun. I feel like all we talked about was Mary's wedding, but it was great! She's going to be a beautiful bride no doubt about it. We caught up a bit on our lives. 
As far as the Eye Dr. went- I have been having major issues with light sensitivity lately,  and my mom said that maybe it was stress induced because it was around the end of the semester. Or maybe that because it had been raining so much in St. George and cloudy that my eyes just needed to get used to the sun again. But when I was in Hawaii it was pretty bad, and here it was too especially since I lost my sunglasses again! Not the ones that I lost at graduation, but I lost a pair on the plane ride to Florida. Good thing they are only like 10 bucks. Anyway so I have this problem with my eyes. I go to the doctor, and he looks all around my eyes, does the puff machine, and the computer that tells you what your vision should be, and puts dye in my eye to see cool stuff. Then he told me that I have developed scar tissue on my eye. He says it's probably from infections in the past, but I couldn't tell you the last time that I had an infection. Probably since high school at least. Which could be attributed to my sensitivity to light. Anyway, I think you get the gist of it all. Then on top of that, my eye sight has generally been 3.75 or 4. Well my left eye- the one with the scarring- looks as though its a 4.25. Basically I'm going blind.

 But Doctors Orders are to wear my glasses as much as possible for the next long while, and see what happens. So glasses are out, and on. I am proud to say that I look super fly with my newly found raccoon eye tan line due to my sick sunglasses. I'm the coolest of cools now!

So after all of that, and the beach, I went to go see Dominic and Wyatt the twin boys that I used to nanny, and they are getting so big! I couldn't believe my eyes! They hardly remembered me, but I think they kinda did after a few minutes. So- it was girls night, but then turned into girls night plus Ryan and Eric and then Ryan left us. But we went and got my favorite: Chick-fil-a the girls asked what Utah didn't have I automatically responded Chick-fil-a. We went to a frozen yogurt place that is just like Krave in St. G, and to a movie. It was a perfect girls night out + Eric Poor guy always stuck with us lol.

I have managed to clean out everything in my room. I know have hardly anything left to spare here. Sad, but nice too have more space and all.  Yesterday (Friday) I rode my mom's bike out to the causeway for a few hours by myself, which was really nice and then later that night, I went to the YMCA (where I used to work before college) and said Hi to my old boss, and little did I know that it was a party that they were putting on for her daughter. So I got to see a ton of the mom's that I used to work with and catch up with everyone. It was so  great to see everyone again. It amazes me how much the kids have grown up! 
They are so big!

Now for today- Saturday- Long bike ride- 20 Miles round trip- to Clearwater Beach. Up and over the bridge and back. It was fun- I went with my parents. & We had a good time. We tried to leave earlier, but good thing we didn't leave any later, because it was starting to get toasty outside. But the sea breeze was nice today. Can't say that I will ever volunteer to do it again, but I'm proud to say that I did for now. 
Pinellas Trail >>>

So 6 more days left in Pinellas county, and I am missing St. George a bit more than I expected. I've got a few more people to see, and a little more brown to get, a kayaking trip with my mom, but then I believe I will be good to go.

 I have the best of both worlds. East and West. Family & Family. Friends & Friends. I hate leaving, but I love going back, and I can say that about both places. Connie and I have plans to go play racquetball. I'm breaking out my baking skills when I get back. Dusty as they may be, I'm determined to get back in the act. And perfect a Banana bread recipe! And make Cakebites from scratch. Steven and I have plenty of things to do when I get back, and I can't wait. Speaking of, he may have a job in St. George starting in August as a TA at one of the high school's. I hope he gets it, because that would be awesome!! 

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