Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mom's Stay and the Flu

Seriously though- it was great having my mom here for a few days. To see my new place, and meet Steven, and spend some time with her. I’m always sad to see her go, but it’s always that much more fun when we get to spend quality time together. We did some shopping, and went to dinner with the family a few times. I just love my family. When we went to take my mom back to Vegas, we got all turned around with Papa driving, and he was going super fast, and went over a speed bump that started everyone in the car, except I kinda laughed, which made Papa laugh, and my mom and Nana didn’t think it was that funny. But it was! But after we dropped my mom off, we stopped at a ghetto gas station, and I had a feeling that I should just bring my debit card, and not my whole wallet. So what did I do? I brought my whole wallet. Well I get up to the sliding glass entrance doors, and there’s a guy sitting on his suitcase and said, “Ma’am do you have fiddy one cent?” and in my mind I was like crap! Should have just brought my card and not my wallet! I go “ No sir sorry I dont carry change.” So that was the first weird thing. Then I go to the bathroom and I didn’t think that they had these kind of bathrooms anymore, but on the door it said- “GET KEY FROM CHECK OUT.” I was like you have got to be kidding me! So I walk up get the stupid key that’s attached to a PVC pipe (ghetto right) and finally do my business. Then it gets better! I’m going to get a drink and this guy turn to me and goes “asldkjfhwieruy” and I was like “Excuse me?” and he goes “adkfjhweriualkdjfh” as he is stuffing his face with a hot dog (it’s only 10am by the way). I said “I can’t understand you with you stuffing your face.” And he looks at me and goes “DO they have a microwave here?” HOW THE HECK WOULD I KNOW? I said, “Doesn’t look like it.” And I was so sketched out! Then I go buy my drink and road snacks to get back home. (If I make it out of the ghetto gas station) Then the same guy who was stuffing his face gets everyones attention and asks if he can trade his hot dog for a hamburger..everyone was so confused. The guy behind the counter was like yeah sure. And the hot dog man was like “So we are even right? That’s fair that I do that? I don’t want to get in no mo’ trouble.” I look at the guy behind the register and said “ This is the most gas station ever.” Stepped out with keys in my hand ready to stab if needed and hopped right in the car to never see that sketchy, creepy, ghetto gas station again! Funny though right?
Back to reality for real now. No more vacations. No more visits from friends. No more EFY. Just work for the next 2 weeks, and than school starts again! 
Work is great. I can’t tell you how much I love my job. I did have a day this past week where I was like ahhhhhh!!! I don’t want kids- they are evil- and I dont know what to do. But kids are kids, and they have bad days just like us adults do. And we all just deal with them differently. 
Steven moved! He lives 6 minutes away from me now! Which has come in handy more than once already. I forgot my tooth brush and he brought it back to me! It’s the little things I know. lol 
Friday I worked all day long, and afterwards I went out to dinner with the Institute council! :) Love them so much. We got some stuff organized and ready for the training and meetings the following Saturday. After that we went to Brick Oven and had good times, and laughs. I’m sad that Andy, Jordanne and Annie are leaving us though. Andy and Jordanne are getting married so that’s cool and all. But Annie is going back up North to UVU and I will miss her!! 
This is where it gets better - Depending on your perspective
I woke up at 4:30 Saturday morning feeling yucky. But turned over and went back to sleep. I had to work at 8:30 so I got up and still felt really gross. Than I got a call from Judy (woman I woke for) and she said that the girls were throwing up and not to come I was like hey! I think I’m about to do the same thing! And about an hour later I finally threw up. Now I must point this out to the world. Never in my life have I EVER thrown up  after more than one sitting. If that makes sense. I throw up once, and I am good to go and a happy camper again! But not this time. So have some pity on me please. So in my mind I’m like yay! I’m good I can go about my day...WRONG! Steven came over right away and spent all day with me. I threw up 3 more times that day and finally felt better around 11pm! What a day it was though. We called my Home Teacher to come over and give me a blessing, and my Bishop came too..what a lovely moment right as they walk in and Steven leaves me I am hugging the toiled again. (Kinda funny) And I thought I was done! NOPE!! But I got a blessing, and today I feel so much better. Steven and I watched 4 movies in 24 hours. I went outside once to go get a smoothie at orange peel (I thought I was done being sick- but no worries it didn't stay down) I took a shower once again because I thought I was done..but nope felt nauseous in the shower and hugged the toiled again. That was probably the most humorous part of the day. But I’m all better now! Thank goodness. 
How grateful I am for my health too! I never get sick and I’m good never being that sick ever again in my life! 
And thanks to Steven for just staying by me all day long when I looked gross, and smelled gross. And probably he was grossed out to even be there by me, but I’m grateful I had him there to help me and to give me a blessing. And watch movies all day and look like a dead person lol. I just hope he doesn’t become deathly ill now. 
Today was Fast and Testimony meeting at church and Steven and I went to a new Ward today. And both got up to bear our testimonies and when he got up I couldn’t help but just smile because he’s just that awesome :) But this new ward...ehhh it was okay. I think we will stick with the Washington YSA ward. 
Side note: I miss Florida & all that comes with the state. 
Life is good :)

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