Monday, August 22, 2011

Quick Post.

Quick update:

Steven and I went to the Washington County Fair. Which was tons of fun. Until we both started feeling sick due to pigs and the blankets and the rides. But needless to say it was a ton of fun. I almost died listening to the concert that was being held. Some hardcare led Zepplin wannabe's. I was pounding my head just for them to stop. Then they would say okay last one...but then they would keep going!!! So we left. 

From August 13- 17th I went to Vegas for Work. The family I nanny for went on a family vacation and took me with them! It really was so much fun! We went and saw The Lion King at Mandalay Bay which was stellar.  I drove my truck and the first half was with Autumn the 5 year old, and she fell asleep the first 10 minutes of the drive and then the second half was with Kamy the 3 year old. And she was up for the first 20 minutes then she passed out too. It was hilarious. While we were there, Autumn finally learned how to swim!! It was so exciting! Considering she is scared of everything. It was quite the accomplishment! 

We went to the Nevada State Railroad train ride in Boulder City. That was a lot of fun. We ate lunch at the Paris Hotel. We went to the M&M world (so not worth it)  The girls got to see their mom (they don't live with their mom if I haven't mentioned that.)  We went on a boat cruise on Lake mead which was fun, and to the Ethel M Factory where chocolates are made! We went to this really good mexican restaurant! Which was delicious! They paid for me to get a massage which turned into a deep tissue massage which was very much needed after piggy back rides superman attempts and flying. I love my job. 

I came back and Steven's mom got the whole family tickets to go see the Little Mermaid up at Tuacahn! It was awesome! The costumes were pretty cool, and Ariel did a fantastic job!
And so the chaotic semester begins! Institute council meetings and freshman day for all the newbees! That was a lot of fun. I got to meet a ton of the freshman and of course be with council. There is never a dull moment. Steven and I played Tennis early one morning before it got super hot, went to the temple, and had a good last weekend together. 

We had our Institute Council Fireside last night! Which was a success. I had the chance to speak. And I talked about The Lion King and relating it to never falling away from the gospel. It was perfect. Institute it going to be amazing this year- and I'm not just saying that either. 

I started volunteering at the Dove Center! I love it! It's amazing to hear these stories about some of the women and children, and to be involved in such a good cause. It's a tender mercy in my life. The women  inspire me, and are so strong! 

So my Schedule this semester goes a little something like this

Monday: Dove center 9-12 Institute work and run errands day plus FHE
Tuesday- Institute meetings at 7 Class 7:30- 1:10 work at 2:30-9
Wednesday- I'm at an elementary school all day long. Then institute with Steven right after and then the temple with him :)
Thursday- Institute meeting at 7 same as Tuesday
Friday- work 9-2 Institute stuff. And Date night with Steven! :)

Lame and quick post. But life is back to it's crazy busy lifestyle and I love it! This semester is going to be awesome I can feel it!

I'll post tomorrow about my orientation for the ELEM ED program. It's just the beginning of the rest of my life at Dixie!! 

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