Sunday, March 20, 2011

Break is over!

This break has been the most needed break. I am beyond grateful for the down time I had! I'm no looking forward to going back to school and work at all! But 6 more weeks left. I hope it goes by super fast too, because I can't wait to go to Hawaii, and then go home to Florida!!

Anyway the rest of my time in Phoenix was perfect! I spent more time out in the sun, and by the pool. You could say that I got a little tan while I was gone. But what the funniest part was it that I tried to get on a floaty without getting completely wet, and failed! It was so funny. I got out of that pool so fast!

But we went to the Rangers game on Thursday night, and the rangers lost pretty bad, it was sad. There was a little boy sitting in front of us that was really into it. Had a cute little fitted baseball hat too. So cute.

I just love baseball

Then Connie's brother came over to my aunts house afterwards and we watched Nacho Libre, good thing I was in that kind of mood, because I only get in a Nacho Libre kinda of mood like 3 times a year if that! 

Friday I was really sunburnt so I didn't go out in the sun, and I went to the mall instead, but I didn't buy anythin Lasik g!! Fancy that! It was a real mall too unlike St George, and I still didn't buy anything!  That night Karen had surgery so I took her to the place to get it done, and then I took her home, it was pretty funny since she was kinda on drugs. Not too bad just a little loopy in the head though. I went to Mesa and hung out with Connie's brother Steven we drove around I got Chik-fil-a!  My favorite fast food restaurant, that St. George doesn't have! And we stopped by the Mesa Temple at like 12:30 at night, it was nice to hang out with basically another family member. 

Saturday my aunt and I went and got massages, and pedicures and went to lunch. When we got there, they wanted my aunt to sign a minor release form because they thought I was under 18.. yeah I'm almost a Junior in college, you'd think I'd show some age or something by now. It will pay off soon.  Afterwards, I headed back to St George. Made it in 6 hours! Woo record time. beat the clock by 27 minutes according to mapquest, and that was hitting traffic in Vegas, and a bad accident in boulder city just past the new dam.

It's good to be back! I love the red rock here! It's just beautiful, a little cooler that Phoenix was, but it will warm up before too long! Connie and I went to Toquerville last night to sleepover at my grandparents house, and then to there Stake Conference to listen to Elder & Sister Holland, also Elder & Sister Worthen of the 70. It was awesome. You can't really explain it, but the spirit was so strong. I loved every minute of it. Elder Holland thought that Connie and I were Children. What's new with that though. Everyone always thinks that we are young. We had a nice lunch with my grandparents and headed back home! 

Break has been great! I loved it. 
The church is true
What new?

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