Thursday, March 17, 2011

Razerback tan lines

Today was the first day in I couldn't tell you how long that I didn't have to wake up to an alarm! It was awesome. I even got to eat breakfast in a timely manner, and not in my car on my way to school! I got to eat a blueberry muffin. My favorite :) I managed to get on my new bathing suit (yellow with white polka dots) after I did tons of homework, and lay out by the pool. I tried to get in the water, but it was a little too cold for my likening, but I will try again tomorrow! 

I started reading this book called Remind me Again Why I Need a Man. It's good so far. Humorous really, and I would recommend it. But I am only three chapters in.

Took a break, and decided to go on a bike ride. I had a map full of bike trails, so I went on a mission. To try and find them. On my way I encountered a bee to my shoulder, no sting, just the whole body slammed into me. I bet that bee was pretty startled. Then I stopped by a park where I saw a few little kids playing catch. Those were the good days! But now I have the pleasure of having razerback tan lines on my back from my ride today! Can't complain at least Im getting my vitamin D!

I made my favorite cake! What comfort it is knowing that it wont all get eaten when I come home the next day!! I CAN EAT HOW EVER MUCH I WANT! 

Karen and I went to the gym, and  then to the spa. I tried out this bed thing that's like a mini sauna. You lay in it, and it gets really hot, its super hydrating for your skin. Pretty cool. It got up to 118 degrees, and when I got out, I didn't realize that I would be dripping haha.

I made Bow Tie pasta Salad! It was a success! I decided to put craisins in it this time, which made it yummy! We had a dinner and a movie in tonight. Watched Fried Green Tomatoes. Highly recommend it! It's based on the south, the KKK is sort of involved, and two best friends that make it through the tough times together. Funny and sad. No romance. Come to think of it, the movie kind of down plays mean. AKA they are scum bags to these two best friends. I guess some things never change. I'm totally kidding. They had good guys in their lives in the movie, just not romantically.

Tomorrow: Pool & Baseball game: Rangers & Padres! Can't wait!!

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