Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Made it to Phoenix!

Good Morning World!

So I woke up this morning and drove off to Phoenix!! I'm so relieved to be here! It's already been great! I was on the rode at about 7:15am. I made good timing, and I would have made better if I wasn't hypnotized by the road and miss a turn! But that's okay. It woke me up! I made it safe and sound. In a timely matter. Tons of cops on the road too! Made me so paranoid even though I was only going 5 over! When I got to Vegas I saw a really bad car accident on the other side of the median, and shook me up a bit, but I can always count on my Papa to answer the phone when I need someone to calm me down. 

I stopped by Karen's work (the hospital) and met a few people did some show and tell, and then I came back to Karen's where I met Mr. Whiskers! He's so fun to play with! I forgot how much I love cats! I got some homework done, and tried to lay in a hammock which was unsuccessful so I came back inside. 

For dinner we went to this yummy Thai Restaurant called Satara. When you walk in, there are cabinets for the regular wine drinkers with their names on them and everything! I thought it was so funny, but the food was soooooo delicious! We got this pineapple fried rice, and it was amazing! And some crab appetizer that was cheesy and full of yummyness!

We redboxed Life as You know it. Such a funny movie!

Okay two things:
I am grateful for two things at this particular moment

Two in particular. One and her name is Connie Sanchez. She is my best friend, and I think I'd be such a loser without her! She is the type of friend that I need, and I'm so grateful for her. We always keep each other on the ball, and even if we mess up, there's no judging, most of the time there's support..like the type of ice cream we get. If it's healthy or not..hahaha. We are always laughing and having fun no matter how long the days are. We can always laugh. She's the greatest, and I love her so much.

The second is Michael Begg. He knows how to listen to me when I just need to talk, and then he knows when to talk- that's a skill one must acquire to be around me on a regular basis. But we both support each other in whatever we do, and we're not afraid to tell the truth if we don't like something the other is doing. It's great. He's one person that I look up to. It's crazy how you're blessed with certain people at certain times in your life. I'm beginning to see why as I look at the bigger picture. 

The Second thing I'm grateful for at this moment is my education. I'm so passionate about learning it's no wonder that I am going into education. But I have really learned the value of knowledge, and have gained an appreciation for it in my life.

Oh...Brace yourself

I got into EFY! :) YESSS! I'm so relieved

Life is great. Just remember it's all about your perspective. Let the little things make your day, and the bad things be brushed aside. The choice is up to you. -Gabbi

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