Saturday, March 12, 2011

So I've been a slacker at this

It's almost been a month give it two more days. I should be a little better at this. But until now,  I have had no time to just write something about my life. I seriously get up at six or seven in the morning and don't stop until eight or nine and sometimes ten or eleven. The past two weeks have been so ridiculously packed with stuff.

Let me start by just saying that I have never looked forward to a break so badly in my whole entire life. It got so bad, that I forgot that Spring Break was coming up! Then when it came, I didn't even realize it until yesterday when I got off of work, and took a big breath, and exhaled like I had just won a big race or something. Anyway point is, I will be taking advantage of this break I have. I'm headed to Phoenix on Wednesday! I can't wait to see Karen!! I'm going to take my bike with me and ride on some trails and find some hikes and stuff. I'm pretty excited

Going backwards, school is going well. I have all A's and 2 B's. Considering I'm taking 20 credits, I think that's pretty good. My B is in math for educators class, and educational psychology. I wish that I could grasp psychology but I can't! It's probably been my hardest class since I've gotten to college. I haven't had much free time. You know what I do in my free time? Homework, so that technically isn't even free time! Like I said I need a break. My children's literature class is getting intense, it always seems like I have something due the next class. It's so time consuming, but I love it. I'm learning so much about reading and children's reading, and book. My favorite part is reading the books. But what's time consuming is analyzing them.  But I'm getting an idea of what kind of books I want in my own classroom. Speaking of my own classroom, I can't wait to have my own. To decorate, and have my own books! What a great day that will be! I am starting a collection right now actually.

Work. Pasta factory is good. Been busy because of the beautiful weather we have been having! And the box office is good too. I don't work as often there, I wish I did because I love the girls I work with!

Connie and I are still waiting on EFY!! Seriously I don't know what could be taking so long. Patience is definitely a virtue. I think I have gotten a little better at it. But like I always say, it's an eternal virtue that you always have to be working on.

I got my plane ticket home! And guess what?! It was free! I didn't even realize that it was going to be free. I thought I had a one way free ticket, but in fact I had a roundtrip free ticket!! Crazy hu?! I love it! So that's an extra 400 bucks to save! Yeahh!!

As of late, I have started working out again. Because I'm on this new medicine that has the potential to make me gain weight, and I wont let that happen! But Connie and I ran a 5k together!! Go us! And the yesterday we went on a 20 mile bike ride! It was so fun! We started out at our apartment, and went up to Snow Canyon, down through Santa Clara, back down to old hwy 91, which turns into sunset, and then back to bluff and to our apartment again. It just took us 2 hours! That may have been slow, but we were going up hill a lot of ways! It was pretty funny having the two of us do it.

Some nights the girls and I will pull out our mattresses and have a sleepover, it's the best. I love it. Reminds me of high school.  I feel old saying that..

Oh my goodness how could I forget!! Our boys basketball team are PacWest Champs!!! They are in Washington right now playing for the next best championship. I hope they win that would be so cool! I love the basketball team. Actually I just love basketball. 

Oh another thing. Baseball season has started. Yes. One of my favorite sounds is the sound of a metal bat hitting a ball. I'm so lucky to live across from the baseball field! I hear it all the time now! But I went to a little league kind of tournament last weekend, which by the way it was freezing cold outside! But w/ my friend Kyle, and it brought back so many memories of baseball. Kinda made me a little home sick, but that's alright. I hope my kids want to play baseball..I mean I wont force them to do it, but that would be nice. lol

Some funny things that have made me laugh. I fell up the stairs a few weeks ago, and then the next day I walked into the boys bathroom. I would have kept going too if it wasn't for the urinals!

I sliced my finger at work yesterday. It was a deep one too. It's like the worse feeling when you cut yourself, because you can't get it to go away. And they just take forever to heal.

Oh how can I forget to mention the "D" word. DATING. It's not happening. That's all I can say.

We had stake conference last weekend. It was so good. In the Saturday night session I was dabbing my eyes the whole time. They talked about the temple, and families, which got my eyes to leak a bit. Then the Sunday session was good too. I have a new goal. To memorize The Living Christ.

It goes like this:


Anyway, life is good though. I see the tender mercies of the Lord every day. I thank my Heavenly Father for everything that I have. It seems when I am grateful the bad things don't seem so bad. I hope that the next few weeks go by fast, because I am so excited to go to Hawaii. Then the day after I get back from Hawaii I'm going home!! :)

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